Concerned about the latest Nike shoes News and Updates!

Concerned about the latest Nike shoes

Postby keyes23 » Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:43 pm

Concerned about the latest Nike shoes

I believe the friends must know JBF, he was interested in custom nike free run, and each time his interest to have the opportunity to see our new shoes design. In the most recent period, we see this custom shoes and old customers for their custom of a purple and black and white Dunk Low, shoes also professional shoes and we as appearance, professional design and shoe insole design The shoes are all that this sport has a good performance.

JBF is a keen man custom shoes, and he especially does not like the nike free run 2. Look at a purple and black and white Dunk Low, shoe body has been covered by a carbon fiber material, carbon fiber fabric surface is very slippery, there is a certain brightness, solid material, but because the fabric of the density, so the spread of soft material, wear will not be soft on the feet, if it be regarded as a masterpiece collection.

We can see this on the use of shoes in shades of blue and purple color theme design, blue shoe laces for the body and place the most eye-catching, while purple highlights the classic logo of nike free run 3 brand shoes brand as strong flavor. Production on the insole, the shoes of Dunk Low shoes to purchase a professional design lines, shoes with good slip resistance. Also on the insole in a professional thickening also designed shoes in this case has a perfect wear resistance.
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