GoPro Hero 3 with night vision!!

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GoPro Hero 3 with night vision!!

Postby monica23 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:39 am

Hey everyone i just got my Gopro Hd Hero3 black edition, & its much better in low light than the hero2, but i wanted to use it for ghost hunting & night fishing. but it wont see ir light like i had hoped, why doesnt gopro make an infrared version of this camera?? I just talked to Dennis at ragecams and they are trying to talk me into the 12mp night vision conversion for the hero3. Its a little pricey but the chance to record in 1440p sounds very tempting. He says they sold a few to nasa already & national geographic, so obviously it must work well if they bought them from rage cams.
Im going to have to think about it and wait till they post some videos from the new lens. Has anyone else heard of this modification before? When i talked to Gopro they said they didnt think that the new hero 3 could be converted to nightvision.

Thx for al the help!!
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