Cheap and Easy Fertilizer for Food Plots

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Cheap and Easy Fertilizer for Food Plots

Postby bowhunter32 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:46 pm

Hey Guys. I love to plant food plots every year. However, down her in southwest Okalhoma, The soil isnt all that fertile. As 15 year old, I cant afford all the fertilizers needed to help my soil produce properly. Fortunately I have discoverd a way to make my plants lush and more palatable.

If the Lord blesses us with the rain thats predicted, I will be planting this next weekend. Im gonna plant BioLogic Hot Spot. I love this product because it only plants a 25 by 25 yard area so it is easy to work with hand tools. (hoe, metal rake, weedeater, etc.) It is also easy to water it with something like a sprayer if we go for a long period of time with no rain. I weed eated all the grasses and weeds down and raked it all out. Now im ready to put the fertilizer out. I bought:
2 bags of potting soil (1.50 ea.)
I bag of peat moss (3.00)

That is the only money I took out of my wallet. I took two good sized trash cans, Put a quarte of the bag of peat moss in each one and set the other half aside. I then poured 1 bag of potting soil in each trash can and mixed it all together. To give it a boost, I took a 25 gallon buck full of cow manure and chopped it up as good as I could and mixed it all in.

Later on, when the plants have grown a little bit. I will tak a sack and fill it with cow manure. Then put it in a bucket and hose it down really good. The result is pure liquid fertilizer. Water it down and then spray in on yoor plants. Hope this helps
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Re: Cheap and Easy Fertilizer for Food Plots

Postby Vsrenrepolfer » Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:24 pm

Thank you informed me.
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