For Sale 2 Bows

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For Sale 2 Bows

Postby Chiefs » Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:53 pm

Parker Ultra Lite 31 Left Hand with 80% let off, 50# limbs that can be upgraded to heavy limbs with Parker, both short and long draw modules, Tru Fire Hurricane Dual Caliper Wrist Strap Release, Limbsavers, String Leeches, Peep, Loop, Kisser, Muzzy Zero Effect Drop Away Rest, Tru Glo Range Rover Single Pin Sight, Kwikee 6 arrow quick detach quiver, Tranquilizer Stabilizer, armguard, Original Box, shot 20 times never been in the woods, rated by Parker as the best bow they ever made, $480

Hoyt Ultra Tec 60-70 lbs with 30" draw Sabercam, Black Contico Bow Case, Tru Fire Hurricane Dual caliper Wrist Strap Release, armguard, Loop, Limbsavers, Kisser, Peep, Tru Glo Range Rover Single Pin Sight with Light, Muzzy Zero Effect Drop Away Rest, Bohning 5 arrow quick detach quiver, Limbsavers S Coil Stabilizer, Winner's Choice Cables and String, Original Box, sighted in to 70 yards, excellent condition, rated by Hoyt as still one of their best bows ever, $485
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