Overpriced Outfitter

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Overpriced Outfitter

Postby 170booner » Mon Dec 26, 2011 8:23 pm

I recently hunted at Backwoods Outfitters in Illinois. I hunted every hour of daylight with the exception of one hour per day to eat. This was during the first week of November, weather was fair to good, I use extreme scent control and this was horribly disappointing! I saw ONE shooter the whole week!!! I have hunted every Midwestern State for over 10 yrs and I have never been on a hunt that I wanted my money back...till this one! Trails were beaten down going to stands, trash by them, overhunted stands! 11 hunters in, 1 kill 140ish. Nobody else even shot! a $3000+ hunt, ONE SHOOTER during the first week of November?
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