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Crossbow survey

Postby BarnettTerror » Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:54 pm

Doing research on crossbow injuries.
Many hunting forums have postings containing conversations about crossbow injuries. If anyone has experienced a crossbow injury, please take a moment to take a quick survey at; ... c29LT2c6MQ

Just the other day at a BassPro in Orlando FL, a 16 year old with his parent went to buy a crossbow. While on the BassPro shooting range the youth fired the Styker crossbow and amputated the top portion of his thumb. This according to the archery department manager. Its just that easy.

Numerous accounts of finger(s) & thumb amputations. A few bolt injuries from strings and or limbs breaking.

This by know means is a "bashing" thread, but for research information. Please serous survey responses.

Thank you,
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