Weather and Moon Phases Affecting Deer Movement

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Weather and Moon Phases Affecting Deer Movement

Postby ChrtruseMajic » Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:36 pm

I appoligize in advance for putting this topic up since I see that there are similar ones just like it. However, I am putting this one up because I feel that there hasn't really been much activity on those other postings and I am trying to get a better understanding from those that are more experienced or who have more knowledge about the subject.

I have heard from numerous sources that there is little scientific evidence that supports moon phases affecting deer movement and the same for weather. I tend to disagree with the weather, because I haev seen it first hand that colder weather makes deer move more. Probably to stay warm for one, and two, they need to eat to stay warm as well, which requires movement to get to the food source.

As for moon phases, I don't really have enough personal evidence to have noticed any signs of differences in deer movement. However, I would like to hear what others have to say on these issues.

So the questions here are, do weather and/or moon phases have significant affects on deer movement? And more importantly, can anyone steer me to some hard scientific evidence that supports these theories? Thanks again and sorry for the redundancy.
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