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Postby sqwrly » Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:29 pm

got any tips for hunting during the day?. anythign to help bring the deer out of their bedding area?
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Postby Poppy » Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:47 am

That's a tough thing to do, once they get bedded down, they are hard to move. The only way I have found, non rut, is a drive and I am not a fan of drives(mostly because when you have your bow you usually end up with a running shot. The rut, lots of calls, and rattling, this sometimes works.
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Re: tips

Postby SD SHEETZ » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:26 am

it also depends highly on where you live. If you are hunting in a suburban area the deer will move considerabley more during the day, then say in the midwest where it is open. In that situation you need to get on one of the main trail heads, a pinch point or get yourself set up near a small creek. Look for areas where deer can be pushed along by an occational cars or truck. Deer will generally move to the water around mid day and if there is an ample supply of acorns they will stop to feed, or in my case they stop at our birdfeeders.
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