I let the string zing!

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I let the string zing!

Postby perrysbirds » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:07 pm

I got this morning as I started my first day of a week of holidays.
I didnt have much of a good feeling because of all this crap weather we have been getting.It was very near 8am that I seen this deer come out into the field at about 80-100 yards straight across from me.Its funny also as its always when your not paying attention or doing something you shouldnt be doing as I had my hunting gloves off looking for my watch that has no strap in my pocket.
Anyways this deer was out in the field for what felt to me as an eterinity.I said to myself thats a small doe and I was looking out for the buck that never appeared.After Im guessing about 10 or 15 mins the deer decided to come my way.I did have the deer at broadside at 50 or more yards but said to myself,no I need it to be closer and never took a shot.I guess when I figured the deer was in my 30-40 yard range I knew it was time to let the string zing.I guess at first I didnt know what to think of the shot that I had made but I saw a good blood trail as it entered the woods.I helped a friend pull out a deer earlier this week and he told me if I had shot one this week he would return the favor.I let this deer do its thing for a hour or so and went to pick up my friend.Im figuring this deer went no more than 100 yards before I found it.When I went to take a look at it the surprise was it had 2 little nubs on its head.Its not a big deer by any means but a fun hunt for me and thats what it is all about.Those excalibur crossbows are dead accurate and this is the first time I have used the slick trick broadheads.I still have one tag left and im on vacation until next Monday!

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Postby adaye » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:58 am


That will be some good meat in the freezer.
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