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Postby savingyour6 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:35 am

hey, with deer season fast approaching, there is a phase that comes to mind. "If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy!" my wife doesn't care about me hunting, she understands it, she allows it, but she really could care less about it. Friends of mine have similar issues, or they have to really suck up to even go hunting. well i have the solution. get her some really nice stuff. my wife is currently selling Thirtyone Bags. These bags are not just purses, its everything from aprons to wallets to beach bag to purses. its a lot of stuff and the women seem to really like it. you can personalize stuff whether its one letter to a full name its only 6 bucks (after July 24 it will go up to 7 bucks). there is lots of stuff, even guy colors and even more guy friendly stuff coming out after the 24th. so to all my fellow hunters, male or female, make your spouse happy, or make yourself happy. Buy from my wife and make her happy so i can have a great season too HAHA.
"A hunt based on only trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be...time to commune with your inner soul as you share the outdoors with the birds, animals, and fish that live there." - Fred Bear
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