MD is at it again!!!!!

Post any info you have on New Laws being passed that will help or Hurt our Sport and details on who needs to be contacted accordingly... This is Important...

MD is at it again!!!!!

Postby savingyour6 » Sun May 15, 2011 9:56 pm

so as per fox news tonight, Maryland state has just announced that it will start giving birth control to deer. using a dart gun. if you listened to the story you could tell this all political due to the fact that Maryland has for the second straight year set records for killing deer. i cant find the link on myfoxdc. i will continue to snoop i am sure it is elsewhere. apparently the aspca is all over this and backing MD officials in their efforts in "saving" the deer. our you freaking kidding me? "saving" the deer? really, with what? a dart gun you have to be within 20 yds of the deer to use and then it wares off after a year? and the worse part is they have already said that the aspca is going to communities promoting this, and spreading the word. of course i'm sure they leaving the fact of the cost of the shot or how much man power it will take to control a herd. let alone the fact that wares off. unfreaking believable.
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Re: MD is at it again!!!!!

Postby Poppy » Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:10 am

any time the aspca gets involved you know that trouble and their"facts"are going to get in the way of the truth. Va. is actually lucky in that we have a real management plan in place. They seem to forget the additional income to the state from hunters, and the good the meat will do. Keep in mind it is the aspca, the same folks who put down animals in what they feel is a humane way, they basically execute them by lethal injection. I get to hear from their members alot. I have but one thing to say the "nice"folks at the aspca... :getoff: "sod off".
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Re: MD is at it again!!!!!

Postby Buckfever144 » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:06 pm

Hmm...weird. I read another thread about how here in Maryland we have TOO many deer. It said in this post that in Fairfax county the local govt. is letting bow hunters hunt county land because of the number of deer. I highly doubt they will go anywhere with the argument on Fox...Just my opinion!
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