How To Build The Ultimate Potato Gun

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How To Build The Ultimate Potato Gun

Postby BOBBYDEMAN » Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:31 am

How To Build The Ultimate Potato Gun

How to build the ultimate potato gun that if done properly you will be able to
shoot potatos over 100 yards!

This video course goes into great detail and will take you step by step to build the
ultimate potato gun. In the fist video we will go right into Home Depot and
show you exactly what to buy for your potato gun. I mean there is no way to
screw this up!

1. We will show you in detail what is the best fuel to use (IMPORTANT)in your
potato gun.

2. The absolute WORST fuel to use for your potato cannon.

3. The one proven type of pipe you must use when building your potato gun
(You don't want to screw this up... get this wrong and it could blow up in your

4. How to figure out the correct barrel to chamber ratio (If you get this wrong
your potato will just plop ten feet in front of your spud gun.

5. The right type (and amount) of glue to use to put it all together...and the
correct method to join all the parts together.

6. The best potato to use if you want to get the greatest flight time with your
spud gun!

7. The in's and out's of rigging the best ignition system so that your potato fires
off round after round like clock work

8. Important tips you must remember when you go out to the range (including
how to properly load the potato,the right amount of fuel to put in the
combustion chamber, and safty tips you must be aware of when your shooting
off these things

This is a fun project that you and your kids or friends can do together.
This detailed video course can easily be sold for $40 but for a limited time you
can get it right now for ONLY $1 so HURRY!before they take this video course
off the market.
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Re: How To Build The Ultimate Potato Gun

Postby GotHuntingGear » Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:04 pm

Thanks for the great idea! I always wondered how you can actually make one. I had some friends that had one a long time ago.
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Re: How To Build The Ultimate Potato Gun

Postby tomasites » Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:30 am

That was a cool guide.
One of my friends found this thread and he actually make it for real.
It was a cool gun and by now he was selling it for good prices.
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