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Postby DeerHunter » Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:41 pm

Looks like PA goes with 35 pounds.

I grew up hunting up there and still go back even now that I live in VA. I shoot 65 pounds. Yeah I could pull more but I get plenty of speed and energy out of my arrows to lay a beating on deer. I have shot 2 buck in PA with my set up (Hoyt HavoTec, Carbon arrows with Blazer fletchings, and SpitFire 100 grain broadheads) that were around 185 pounds (dressed) and they didn't go far. I get a lot of pass through shots unless I have a quartering shot and stick the arrow in the far side shoulder. I am comfortable with 65 pounds easy to draw with deer close and alert.

Can't imagine someone shooting a deer with a draw weight of only 30 pounds though.
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