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Last weekend, the Prime Total Archery Challenge took place at the Snowbird Ski Resort just outside of Salt Lake City in Utah. The annual event was a monumental success as more than 1,000 archers ventured up the mountain to test their skills. This was the greatest number of participants in its ten year history. The great weather certainly helped bring out archers dedicated to conquer each course on the mountain, but many were quickly humbled by extreme angles, long distance shots, and rocky terrain. This experience only invigorated the participants as everyone could not wait to run the course again and come back next year. "This location has a long reputation of having the most extreme archery courses and we aim to make sure it keeps this title and stays as one you'll never forget," said the Total Archery Challenge owner and operator, Sean DeGrey. There is no doubt the course will retain this title for another year.

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The Total Archery Challenge is easily the most challenging and extreme 3D archery experience the world has seen. Recently, with a partnership with Prime Archery, it has expanded from the single event in Utah to several in different states across the US during the year. Each event offers archers multiple 3D target courses to choose from over a three day weekend. "It is just natural for us to be involved with an event that has such a demanding courses because Prime bow owners demand the best," said G5 Outdoors CEO, Matt Grace, "We are excited to be partnered with the organization." Every course during the event has more than its fair share of intimidating scenarios with difficult terrain added in for good measure. They are designed to challenge archers with a focus on getting them prepared for their hunts to come. However, the group works hard to provide a fun, family environment where everyone can enjoy the great sport of archery. There are courses for archers of every experience level, novelty shoots for great prizes, and fun events available during the entire event.

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Be sure to get more information on the Total Archery Challenge at and Prime Archery at The next event will take place at the Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana from July 31 to August 2. Registration is currently open online at the Total Archery Challenge website. Preregistration is encouraged, but onsite registration will also available.

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