2015 Potomac Snakehead Tournament

Jon Boyd

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The 5th annual Potomac Snakehead Tournament took place this past weekend on the waters of the lower Potomac River bordering both Maryland and Virginia. The tournament is held at Smallwood State Park and coordinated by Whackfactor Outdoors. The tournament takes place over an 18 hour period, starting at 6pm Saturday night with weigh-ins at 12 noon Sunday. There are two separate entry category's based on methods used. "Bowfishing" or archery is one category and the other is "Angler" or rod and reel. Each category is weighed in separately due to the obvious advantages of bowfishing for the snakeheads at night. Entry fees for the tournament were $70 per person, with a 4 person team limit. Fishing teams can fish anywhere in the tidal Potomac, as along as State and Federal laws allow.

2015 Potomac snakehead banner.jpgThe contest, in it's 5th year removed more than 1870 lbs. of this invasive snakehead from the Potomac River. The bowfishing category weighed in 239 total fish, with the largest weighing in at approximately 15lbs. The winning team "Shaft Assassins" took 1st place with 30 fish totaling 230 lbs. 5 oz. 2nd place team "G-2 Wildlife" weighed in an impressive 22 snakeheads weighing a total of 175 lbs. 14 oz. 3rd place was taken by "Reel Phenomenon" with 20 fish total at 153 lbs. 15 oz.

The main purpose of this contest is to raise and spread awareness on the dangers of invasive predators in the Potomac River. Contests like this one help lower the biomass of the invasive species in Maryland. DNR has reported the population numbers are beginning to stabilize, instead of the rapid growth seen in years past. Specialty chefs were also on hand to display how delicious snakehead can be when prepared properly. Everyone enjoyed a great time filled with live music, free food and drinks. Thanks to event sponsors and participants for another great year!pic3.jpg

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