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Bridgeport, NY - Brand new to the market, the SLAY Odor Neutralizer Hunting Line "slays" odor-causing bacteria, thereby increasing huntersʼ chances of harvesting game. These proprietary enzymatic blends provide bacteriostatic deodorization actions against an array of odors including perspiration, smoke, food, mildew and pets.

"It works great! Itʼs definitely the one Iʼm sticking with." AJ M. - Illinois

"This buck came in from my downwind side and gave me a 20 yard shot. No doubt in my mind that the SLAY system works!"

Dan W. - New York

"Thank you Sportsman Scent Solutions. I donʼt think I could have done it without the SLAY products." Tom M. - New York

"This product is awesome!" Bill D. - Alberta, Canada

The SLAY Odor Neutralizer Hunting Line offers the following products:

·         Field Spray: An odor fighting solution that can be sprayed directly on hunting equipment and apparel. This spray is noncorrosive and will not leave behind any white residue. It is safe for skin contact and can be used on all materials.

·         Body Wash & Shampoo: This enzymatic solution containing a Skin Lipid Layer Enhancer for skin moisturizing, also has alfalfa, aloe, corn soy and sunflower derivatives for promoting healthy skin. In addition, this product is complemented with soy based cationic deodorizers that encapsulate and neutralize odors.

·         Laundry Detergent: An enzymatic blend formulated to remove dirt and odors utilizing enzymes for blood stain removal. Also, a Skin Lipid Layer Enhancer has been added, which leaves clothes soft and comfortable to wear. It contains no perfumes, dyes, or brighteners, and can be used in high efficiency machines.

·         Mouth Spray: As much as 80% of detectable human odor comes from your mouth. It is the perfect environment for which odor causing bacteria can grow in. Long hours on stand without eating, drinking, or speaking can cause bad breath which can be easily detected by deer and other game species. Slay Breath Neutralizer Spray uses anti-microbial ingredients that help eliminate bad breath. Aloe is added to help lubricate and moisturize the inside of your mouth. This pen like spray applicator is easily stored in pockets and the clip cap allows you quick and easy access. Approximately 70 sprays. 7.5 ml

·         Deodorant: We all know that underarms can be a problem area when controlling sweat and odor. When then heat rises, be assured that you won't stink with our enzymatic based, Under Arm Deodorant gel. Goes on clear and stays clear. No more white, sticky messes to deal with. 2 fl oz. gel with twist dial.

·         Slay Paint: A whole new way to camouflage your face. Face masks quickly collect moisture from your breath, creating an environment for odor causing bacteria to grow in. Use Slay Paint to camouflage your face and keep from being seen as well as smelled from your prey. This carbon based liquid paint comes in a squeezable tottle that can be conveniently hung from your pack, making it easily accessible once you are safely in your tree-stand. This cream based formula uses carbon to absorb odors, spreads smoothly, and easily washes off skin. This formula is scent free.  2 fl oz.

Sportsman Scent Solutions Inc. created the SLAY Odor Neutralizer Hunting Line to effectively neutralize human scent in an effort to increase huntersʼ chances of fooling their preysʼ greatest defense - their sense of smell. "Our goal was to provide a product that not only worked, but didnʼt corrode expensive hunting equipment or leave behind that annoying white residue that some of the current market products do," said Lynette Paduano, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sportsman Scent Solutions Inc.

The SLAY Odor Neutralizer Hunting Line can be purchased via the companyʼs website at Sportsman Scent Solutions Inc., located in Bridgeport, NY, was formed in 2011 by hunters that were unsatisfied with scent elimination products on the market. Procuring the professional services of a bow hunting chemist, they worked tirelessly to develop the proprietary enzymatic blend known today as SLAY Odor Neutralizer. All products are produced at a high-end facility using quality ingredients in a strict manufacturing controlled environment.

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