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Steve Sheetz

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The afternoon of day 1 was highlighted by new and innovative products. One of my favorite new products being debut at the show was the Revolver Stabilizer from the boys at Stokerized. The new patent pending design offers a combination of benefits that archers are looking for. The Revolver Stabilizer is made from thick high modulus carbon for stiffness and rigidity as well as to reduce shock and vibration. The best part about the revolver is that is actually does what a stabilizer was designed to do, it stabilizes the bow. With nine internal weight chambers you can totally customize the stabilizer to fit your bow and your shooting style. For hunters I recommend the 12, or 16 inch Revolver V Bar or the SS1 model. Any stabilizer less than 8 inches is nothing more than decoration.

Martin Archery released a new bow called the Nemesis 35. This sweet rig weighs in at 3.8 pounds and has a seven inch brace height. The Nemesis 35 launches arrows at a blistering 335 feet per second, and is 35 inches axle to axle. Like its predecessor, this Nemesis is smoothing drawing and has an 80 percent let off making it a great choice for 3D-Shooting or bowhunters who like a longer axle to axle bow.

This afternoon, I had an opportunity to talk with Katherine Grand, Pro staff and Dealer Relations Coordinator for Prois Hunting Apparel. Prois is serious hunting clothing for serious women hunters. At Prios you will not find any dumb downed pink and purple camo, or men's clothes in smaller sizes, what you will find is bad ass, cutting edge fabrics, technically sound clothing, specially designed and cut to fit todays bad ass women hunters. From their high performance Elevation line to their ultra-warm Extreme line, all their fabrics are water proof, moisture wicking, wind proof, and most importantly to the bow hunter, deadly silent. You simply will not find a better product specifically designed on the market today for the woman hunter.

In order to keep with the growing demand for youth archery products Victory Archery is releasing two new lines of arrows specially geared towards children. First for girls they came out with a line of arrows appropriately named, Venus. For the boys they came out with the Contender product line. For Cross bow hunters they have come without with an insane arrow call the double take that actually contains two broadheads. It is one of those things that you have to see to believe.

Axion Archery has developed a new drop away arrow rest that is designed to keep up withany of fastest bows on the market today. I can't explain how it works, I don't have a degree in engineering, but if you checkout their website you will see what I mean.

New from Rage Broadheads this year is a sweet little number called the Hypodermic. It has a stainless steel needle point and the new shock collar to keep the blades in place. Look for this new broadhead to be all the Rage in 2013.

Finally, I wrapped up day one by stopping by the Rocky booth to check out their new line for 2013. They have a new Broadhead line of clothing that includes pants, jacket, performance tops and three new boots. Sam Bowman, marketing manager for Rocky said that Broadhead is designed for the bowhunter who values quality, performance driven equipment and believes that every item in his/her pack can provide and advantage in the field. The Jacket and pants are loaded with technical features like Vapor Flex fabrics, Climate IQ temperature control and Scent IQ Atomic scent control. The performance tops are made from a moisture wicking fabric and Climate IQ temperature control and Scent IQ Atomic scent control.

Day one was exhausting. I am looking forward to checking out more of the new stuff tomorrow.

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