Top 25 Things to Buy Your Favorite Bow Hunter # 16-20

Steve Sheetz

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Day four brings you a variety of holidays goodies that will make even the most hard to shop for person on your list smile. Today I am featuring products from CanCooker, Spot Hogg, Lumenock, and Robinson Outdoors.

Number 15 on the holiday gift guide is the CanCooker. The CanCooker is a unique outdoor cooking device that allows you to cook a lot of food without a lot of work. CanCooker makes a complete meal that will feed a group of hungry people, in about one hour. Best of all, CanCooker works on any heat source - campfire, camp stove, propane stove, charcoal or gas grill, turkey fryer, stove top, etc and it's easy to clean up! This makes CanCooker ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, family gatherings, picnics or any outdoor get-together.

CanCooker is an updated version of the old cream can which was used by farmers and ranchers to cook a hot, hearty and homemade meal while everyone worked. CanCooker cooks with steam so it's healthy. Each recipe includes twelve or more ounces of liquid which the heat source turns to steam.

CanCooker's revolutionary one-piece "shouldered" design creates convection which circulates the steam for faster cooking. The circulating steam also helps keep food from sticking to the inside of the CanCooker which makes clean up remarkably easy! The food that comes out of CanCooker is fresh and very flavorful and it maintains its natural flavor better than other forms of cooking. This is because the steam does not leach away the flavors and nutrients. Everything comes out tender and tasty. Nothing comes out dry. Because CanCooker is so easy to use (load it, place it on the heat source and wait about an hour) you'll be able to play or socialize instead of cooking the meal. And, the food comes out piping hot and ready to eat. For more information about the CanCooker, ordering information, and a ton of mouthwatering recipe ideas, visit their website at,

At number 16 is one of the most popular lighted nocks on the market today, the Lumenock. The simplicity of its design and operation make it the lighted arrow nock of choice for many of today's most progressive archers and professional bowhunters. The Lumenok adds only a few grains of weight to your arrow. No magnets are required for Lumenok function. Minimal arrow shaft end preparation and fitting are required for proper Lumenok function. The Lumenok will work with virtual any arrow on the market today.

The Lumenok turns itself on when you shoot from your bow and stays on until you turn it off. The Lumenok's 3 volt lithium battery has a 5 year shelf life and will stay lit continuously for 40 hours. They work great for hunting and target shooting. The Lumenok will help any archer become a better shooter because it aids with bow tuning and you can see any erratic arrow flight much better because of the light on the end of the arrow. Practicing at greater distances allows the archer to immediately associate the result of a shot with his effort. The archer's ability to see the arrow from release to impact at distances beyond 100 yards allows unprecedented rapid feedback to the shooter, even with today's fastest bows. If your bow needs tuning, or your form needs improvement, the Lumenok will help you realize it and address those issues.

The Lumenok lighted nock is the simplest to use lighted arrow nock on the market, heck they guarantee it! Get yourself some Lumenoks today online or ask your local dealer about them, if you want more information about their entire line of products including, arrows and the amazing new Lumma loop, visit their website

The Spot Hogg Hogg Father finds itself on my holiday buying guide at number 17. With the Hogg Father you can enjoy the rugged Spot-Hogg dependability that you have come dependent on, in a high quality, over the top, bullet proof freestyle sight. It is the only site that use and trust.

With Spot Hogg's HRD technology (Hardened Rail Design) there is no slop, buzz, or babying this sight, it's a tank. On my recent fall down the ravine in a mine reclamation area, other than the scratches the site was just fine.

With all the adjustability, and accuracy capabilities that Spot-Hogg is known for, this sight is one tough sight, which comes loaded with standard features:
• Quick Release Knob
• Detachable Dovetail Bar
• Micro Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis
• Coarse Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments
• No Tool Micro Adjust Windage & Elevation
• Micro Adjustable Pointer
• HRD Technology, No Bushings, No Slop, No Buzz
• Geared Down Sight Marks
• Large Easy To Use Yardage Knob
• Removable Rack For Traveling
• Precision Laser Engraved Sight Scale & Knobs
• Universal Scope Rod
• Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction
• Traveling Case Included
• Sight Scale Compatible with Archery Programs

With all these standard features it is easy to see why the Spot Hogg, Hogg Father is one of the most popular bow sites in the world today. Check out their website for all the specs and available options,

Numbers 19 and 20 are the perfect one, two punch for the hunter on your list that has everything, the Tree Spider Micro Harness and LiveWire descent system from Robinson Outdoors. I have been traveling the country Since late August, and I have fallen in love with this lightweight, easy to use harness system.

Standard features on the Micro Harness include a shock reducing bungee tether that comes in three different sizes to match the weight of the hunter. The lightly padded back panel is flexible and adds to the overall comfort of the harness. With the climbing loops you can easily attach the climbing belt and hang stands comfortably all day. With it's easy to adjust shoulder straps a correct fit on guaranteed for any size hunter. Additionally, small quick connect buckles that are rated for over 4000 pounds finish out the a harness that is just loaded with high end quality features.

The LiveWire Descent System is a lightweight, hands free, one time use, descent system that is designed to get you down safely from any tree stand. It features a lightweight Aluminum Powerlink carabineer to attach to your harness. Simply attach it to the tree and attach your harness to it and forget about it. It is just that simple.

May favorite part about the harness is that is so comfortable that I forget that I am wearing it all. When is the last time you forgot that you had on a harness? Want to know how I know it works, I jumped out a perfectly good treestand to put it to the test. Within a minute I was safely on ground and barely had a scratch on me. Every time I go to the woods, my family rests easier knowing that I am as safe as possible.

If you are looking for the safest, easiest, lightest, and fastest harness this holiday season than look no further then the Tree Spider Micro Harness, and LiveWire Descent system. The Micro Harness retails for around $120.00 and the LiveWire Descent System for $80.00. Buy it for a loved one and it will be the best $200.00 you spend this year, guaranteed. For more information visit the Robinson Outdoors Website,

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