Top 25 Things to Buy Your Favorite Bow Hunter # 6-10

Steve Sheetz

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Welcome to day number two of the top 25 Things to Buy Your Favorite Bow Hunter. 


Number six on my buying guide is one of my favorite things I received last year, and it is sure to be a hit with your hunter.  It is an antler mounting kit from Mountain Mike's Reproductions.  Mountain Mike's Reproductions LLC is the premier supplier of European antler mounting kits as well as an assortment of innovative outdoor products and Home D├ęcor.  They make easy, do-it-yourself European mount kits.


It is so simple and so cool: all you do is take your own harvested antlers or shed antlers and mount them to one of their plastic reproduction skulls. No bleaching, no cooking off the skull, and best of all: no smell or mess. Each kit includes everything you need to create your own great looking European mount. You can choose from a traditional white skull or from a variety of film dipped finishes, such as fall foliage camo, pink snow camo, snow camo, barbed wire, and more. For more information on Mountain Mike's Reproductions or to learn more about the products they offer, call (707) 894-9121 or visit


Number seven on my holiday buying guide is one of those things that you have to try to believe.  If you want to maximize you camo's effectiveness, add a Human Energy Concealment System to it. Commonly referred to as HECS, this lightweight suit consists of pants, shirt, and head cover.  They are very light and comfortable to wear, much like a pair of your favorite pajamas.   HECS Stealthscreen is a revolutionary new material that allows you to get closer to animals in their natural, undisturbed state and experience life in the woods like never before. 


HECS Stealthscreen helps you remain undetected by combining 3 simple scientific principles.  First, all living things emit a faint electric signal.  Second, science has now proven that some animals have the ability to detect faint electromagnetic signals. Third, a conductive grid known as a 'Faraday cage' can block electromaginic signals. HECS effectively creates a Faraday Cage for your body that is quiet, flexible, lightweight and comfortable.


HECS Stealthscreen can be worn as an under layer or as an outer layer.

HECS Stealthscreen is lightweight, breathable, machine washable and the durable - conductive fiber won't wash out.  I no longer go into the woods without it and neither should you.  A HECS retails for around $150.00 and for more information check out their website at 


Hunters looking for a way to get higher in a tree should look no further than number eight on my buying guide: the Gorilla Greyback Climber. Gorilla Inc. has taken its popular HX design and applied it to the new GreybackTM Stealth HX Climber for superior portability and performance. The new Stealth HX climber features ultra-quiet, rock solid stability that promises a perfect fit to almost any tree.  This climber is by far and away the quietest climber I have ever used. 


"For hunter's looking for a versatile climber, the Greyback Stealth is the ultimate in functionality, comfort, and portability," stated Stephen Graham, the company's Director of Marketing. "We took the best features of the HX series, including the XPE seat, XT-6 nylon washers, HX platform and incorporated them into our Greyback Stealth creating a climber that has no equal."


With its re-designed HX platform, XPE zero-GTM Dual Density seat and high density foam padded climbing bar and upper arms provide supreme comfort for long days in the field. The Stealth HX Climber's Gorilla grip pivoting arms adjust to fit most trees from 8" to 20" with rock solid performance that only a Gorilla can provide.


The GreybackTM Stealth HX weighs 27.5 lbs, features a 19.5" x 33" platform, and an 18" x 12" Zero-GTM XPE seat.  In addition, the stand features XT-6 nylon washers for silent performance, and fully adjustable padded backpack straps for easy transportation to and from the woods. The stand is rated for 300lbs and has a suggested retail of $189.99  Visit their webpage for complete product information at


If your hunter is looking for the best in scent control products, than look no further than number nine on my list: the LETHAL line of products.  The LETHAL Pro Hunting series is a product line of human scent eliminators powered by the original OdoBan formula.  It has been developed for use by outfitters, professional wildlife hunters, and serious hunting enthusiasts.  I like their products because they come in one-time use packets that make it easy to take them on the go. 


LETHAL makes an entire line of products for today's hunter, including field spray, laundry detergent, shampoo and body wash, laundry dryer sheets, field body wipes, disposable toothbrush and paste, deodorant, and boot powder. 


I admit that I had never heard of OdoBan before last year, but now I am a big fan.  I may have started out as a skeptic, but I became a big believer in a hurry.  For a more complete listing of the LETHAL line of products check out their website at


Everybody loves getting a new target, and I am no different.  My favorite target is one that I got from Big Green Targets.  It is the first broadhead target made from 100% recycled foam.   Their proprietary design of layered, heat-bonded recycled foam creates a target that will take shot after shot and resist slivering that is common in traditional layered foam targets.  I have about 5,000 shots into mine and it is still going strong.  A high definition screen print on both front and back provides remarkably sharp and crystal clear graphics.  The multitude of shooting images and spots on their targets provide for hours of shooting fun while honing your skills. The shooting image locations are designed to help extend target life.


Big Green Targets are designed to stop today's high speed bows and carbon arrows.  All their field point targets are crossbow rated to 350 FPS. My broadhead target easily beats that speed, stopping broadheads launched at up to 370 FPS. 

Big Green Targets unique design, consisting of recycled foam outer core with recycled fabric inner core, allows for very easy one handed arrow removal, which equates to more shooting time and less time trying getting your arrows out of the target.


Every Big Green Target uses recycled foam and fabric that is 100% post industrial waste from foam and fabric manufacturers and fabricators in the United States.   Big Green Targets are proudly made in USA.  For more information check them out on the web at


Check back tomorrow for day three of my Holiday Top 25 Things to Buy Your Favorite Bow Hunter


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