The 25 Days of Christmas

Steve Sheetz

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 As Christmas time approaches, I get a lot of questions from bow hunting widows asking what they should get their special someone for the holidays.  After giving it some thought, I came up with a list of stuff that will make any bow hunter happy this holiday season.  I will cover five things a day for the next five days, ultimately unveiling my holiday top 25.  These items are in no particular order of enjoyment for your favorite hunter.

If you are looking for a big ticket item that is sure to knock someone's socks off, you can't go wrong with a Prime Shift compound bow.  The Shift LR features a 7000 series aluminum riser that gives it a compact and light feel for all hunting situations. The Shift's beyond-parallel limbs and long riser give you the stability and shootability of a longer axle-to-axle bow in a compact 30 inch design, making it perfect for any treestand or ground blind hunter. The patent-pending Parallel Cams and Ti-Glide flexing cable system make this bow a perfect setup for your special someone this holiday season.  And if you want to talk about strength, just watch this video: Prime Shift retails for $899.00 and you can get more information by going to their website, , or by visiting your local Prime retailer.

The number two item on my list of great things to buy your favorite bow hunter is a new set of strings and cables for his or her bow.  The FlightWire string and cable system from First String USA is just what you need to improve speed and accuracy.  They use a proprietary blend of BCY string materials to make the strongest, most durable string on the market today.   When you purchase a flight wire string set, they come with string silencers, a dual position peep site, and a preinstalled string loop.  The strings are pre-stressed for faster shooting times and zero peep rotation.  Every serving on the FlightWire string and cable system is guaranteed not to slip. Additionally, the strings are weatherproofed to extend their life.  All strings and cables are checked by hand before ever being sent out to the customer to ensure that only the best top quality strings are on the market.  For more information, check out or visit your local proshop and ask for FlightWire by name. 

Third on my list of top 25 things to buy your bow hunter is the Quality Archery Design Ultra Rest HDX. The HDX will make your arrows fly straighter and faster, and who would not like a straighter flight or a few extra feet per second every time they release an arrow?   The HDX offers extreme compatibility and versatility and allows for two axis adjustments, making it the perfect arrow rest for any bow on the market today. If you are a hunter that demands the best, top of the line products, then the new Ultra Rest HDX is the rest for you.

What makes this arrow rest the best of the best?  It's so simple: you get all the benefits of a full containment rest in a top of the line drop away rest.  It's guaranteed not to fail.  The arrow can never fall off the rest, even with a slow let down!  When nocking an arrow, cock the ULTRA-REST into the arrow capture position and then forget it. Once it's loaded, it stays loaded, it is just that simple.  The guys at QAD got it right by following the K.I.S.S. formula. 

With a MSRP of $154.99, it is well worth the price for all the leading edge technology that you get. For me, the most important thing above all else is that they are 100% made in America. For more information, check them out on the web at

If you are looking for a new set of broadheads, look no further than Strickland Archery's "Helix".  At Crimson Trail Outfitters, we have given this broadhead the nickname "The Sizzle of Death".  This is one tough hombre.  The Helix Arrowhead's single bevel, aerodynamic design means it works in tandem with the fletching, not against them like most broadheads on the market today. This is a unique principle in broadhead design: steerage from the front, which results in greater overall stability in flight.  The Helix Arrowhead is one serious piece of metal: made of stainless steel, 62-thousandths of an inch thick (72-thousandths for the 125-grain and heavier models) and honed to a razor's edge. Most other hunting broadheads aren't even half this thick. Some broadheads will deflect off bone, some will slide around; the Helix Arrowhead's combination of thickness, rotation, and hardness is meant to split right through bone.

The revolutionary Helix Arrowhead is built to accentuate consistent arrow rotation. To best take advantage of that, the Helix is designed for either left or right-wing fletched arrows. So whether you shoot left or right wing, offset or helical fletched arrows, this system will work for your special someone. Helix retails for around $49.95 for three.  The best part is that you can use this broadhead over and over for years to come.  It is easy to resharpen back to its original razor sharpness with only a few minutes on the wet stone.   If you are ready to experience the Helix revolution, go to and find out how to get your very own "Sizzle of Death."

Ok, the fourth item on the list is not for your significant other, but rather for their favorite tag along partner.  Button Buck, the designer and maker of stylish, outdoor-themed clothing for kids, is excited to unveil three new products for the holiday shopping season.

Button Buck threads feature relevant style, vintage flavor, ultra-soft materials, and formed fits that rival the best mainstream brands.  All of their premium tees feature screen-printed interior tags to prevent itch and their signature, hand-stitched Button Buck exterior label.

"More than ever, kids today are flooded with messages that demote, and even attack, our outdoor traditions," said founder Brad Christian.  "From concrete to country, Button Buck keeps hunting and fishing part of your wild child's daily picture in a relevant and stylish way.  Until now, there's been nothing like this for today's outdoor family."

The three new premium tees are:

Original Button BuckT-Shirt

Now your kids have a brand they can call their own!  The Original Button Buck Tee comes in either heather grey or pink glitter, is available in six sizes from 2T to 12, and retails for $19.99.

Vegetables Are For Deer T-Shirt (my personal favorite)

Thought your kids had concocted every excuse not to eat their veggies?  Here's a Button Buck original!  Whether you're a hunter or not, this shirt will get a laugh out of everyone who sees it!  This tee comes in slate, is available in six sizes from 2T to 12, and retails for $19.99.

Wily Buck T-Shirt

Button Buck's stylized take on a classic critter!  Perfect for a day at school or in the great outdoors!  Layer it with a solid thermal for winter style and warmth.  This shirt comes in olive or fuchsia, is available in six sizes from 2T to 12, and retails for $19.99.

Button Buck is currently distributed directly via their website, but will expand into retail distribution in 2013.  For more information and to see the entire Button Buck line, visit

Rounding out day one is something that everybody loves: camouflage; and there is none better than Scent-Lok's Vertigo.  To be a serious big game hunter, you need to be able to overcome the three basic defense mechanisms that deer and other monsters of the woods have: hearing, sight, and smell.  If you can gain an advantage on just one of these, you improve your chances exponentially; but when you curb all three, you become undetectable.  In 2012 Scent-Lok introduced the world to Carbon Alloy which combines activated carbon, treated carbon, and Zeolite.  By combining these three materials, they have increased the spectrum of absorption as well as its ability to target specific odors better than ever before. 

Now combine that technology with its industry leading Vertigo camo pattern, and you have the best way to remain undetected in the woods today.  The Vertigo camo system helps destroy the human silhouette, including the head and shoulders, with a large open macro pattern and a realistic micro pattern.

For more information of all the garments and accessories produced by Scent-Lok, visit their website , or visit your favorite hunting clothing retailer. 

Check back tomorrow to see items six through ten on this year's 25 Things to Buy Your Bow Hunter. 


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