Robinson Outdoors' Micro Harness and LiveWire Descent System

Steve Sheetz

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As Christmas time approaches I've got the perfect gift for the hunter who has everything, the Tree Spider Micro Harness and LiveWire descent system from Robinson Outdoors. I have spent the last three months traveling the country, climbing up and down trees and I have fallen in love with this lightweight, easy to use harness system.

Standard features on the Micro Harness include a shock reducing bungee tether that comes in three different sizes to match the weight of the hunter. The lightly padded back panel is flexible and adds to the overall comfort of the harness. With the attached climbing loops you can easily attach a climbing belt and hang stands comfortably all day. With it's easy to adjust shoulder straps, a correct fit is guaranteed for any size hunter. Additionally, the small quick connect buckles are rated for over 4000 pounds, finish out the a harness that is just loaded with high end quality features.

The LiveWire Descent System is a lightweight, hands free, one time use, descent system that is designed to get you down safely from any tree stand that you might fall out of. It features a lightweight Aluminum Powerlink carabineer that you attach to your harness. Simply attach it to the tree and attach your harness to it and forget about it. It is just that simple.

My favorite part about the harness and LiveWire Descent System is that is so comfortable that I forget that I am wearing it all. When is the last time you forgot that you had on a harness? Want to know how I know it works, I jumped out a perfectly good treestand to put it to the test. Within a minute I was safely on ground and barely had a scratch on me. Every time I go to the woods, my family rests easier knowing that I am as safe as possible.

If you are looking for the safest, easiest, lightest, and fastest harness this holiday season than look no further then the Tree Spider Micro Harness, and LiveWire Descent system. The Micro Harness retails for around $120.00 and the LiveWire Descent System for $80.00. Buy it for a loved one and it will be the best $200.00 you spend this year, guaranteed. For more information visit the Robinson Outdoors Website,

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