30-06 Outdoors Fletch Weld and Insert Weld

Steve Sheetz

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30-06 Outdoors is always coming out with new and innovative products.  I recently tried their Fletch Weld and Insert Weld products.  And yes, it does matter which one you use, as they are each made to do a specific job. Do not think you can buy one product and use it to do another's job.


The Fletch Weld contains proprietary bonding agents that allow your Vanes and Feathers to adhere instantly to your carbon or Aluminum Shafts.  I recently used Fletch Weld when I was fletching a dozen Carbon Express Pile Driver Arrows.  With a bonding strength of 3200 psi, you can be confident that the adhesive will hold strong.  Fletch Weld's adhesion time of less than 15 seconds lets you re-fletch a dozen arrows.   Additionally, you can rest assured that the fletching will hold strong due to its extreme water resistance and its extreme temperature rating. You never have to worry about your fletching falling off on the coldest and most miserable of winter days.  I have used it on both vanes and feathers, and it has worked great.  I have taken over 1000 shots and have not had one vane come loose.  I am truly impressed with this high quality product.


Insert Weld is another one of 30-06's innovative products.  It is a black, high-viscosity, tough rubber adhesive that is specifically designed to permanently keep your insert in your favorite carbon or aluminum shaft.  Insert Weld is shock resistant, and made to tough military grade specifications.  It is rated to 3700 psi.  With a maximum bond time of 90 seconds, you can be sure that you can be on the range quicker and with more confidence than ever before.  Like Fletch Weld, Insert Weld is designed to hold up under the toughest conditions.  It is temperature rated from -65 degrees F to 280 degrees F, giving you added confidence when the weather turns ugly.


I have found both of these products to be great. They will be the only adhesive products that will find their way into my bow shop.  Both products are value priced at under $20.00 for a one ounce bottle.  I look forward to the next round of new and innovative products to come from 30-06 Outdoors.  For more information about their entire line of products, visit their website at www.30-06outdoors.com. 

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