Namibia Stallion

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Yet another safari in Africa in the books. This time we hunted Namibia, a country I had not been to before. Namibia isn't much different then Texas as far as topography is concerned and hunting was good.

I will have to admit that my first seven hours in Namibia were not as pleasant as other trips to the dark continent. For seven very LONG hours we moved from one place to another trying to get done with immigrations. First we went to the police station, then to one immigration building, they sent us to a third immigration building on the Zamibian border. Finally we found the right person and everything was taken care of. It seems if you fly into Katima, Namibia there is one man that handles rifle permits and immigrations; we flew in while he was in the hospital. Thus, it takes a bit longer for everything to get straightened out.

Once in camp the setting was very much like most places I've hunted in wild Africa. A main tent for dinning centered with tents scattered around for lodging. I don't want to confuse my lodging with some pack tent; these are huge wall tents. Concrete floors, running water, and toilets. Pretty much all the comforts of home with the exception of worry slightly about a black mamba being your bed partner. The weather was beautiful with cool nights and warm days; so, sleeping was never a problem.

For the first five days we tracked elephant pretty much all day, every day. Most of the time they had beat us across the river in Botswana. Other we tracked and found on the Namibian side were too small. On the fifth afternoon, I mentioned to our PH that my son was only 15 years old and was getting impatient. I thought it made sense to skip the afternoon elephant hunt and do some plains game hunting. My thought was, if we could get Daniel on some plains game he would settle down. That afternoon around 3:00PM we went to another part of the concession.

It wasn't long before we found a huge heard of zebra. The striped horses trotted off into the bush and Pieter, our PH, decided to go after them. Since we were shooting this with cameras for TV, I stayed behind at the truck to make less noise. About a half hour after Daniel and crew had disappeared into the mapawni thicket I heard a shot. I was shocked at how far they had gone. A few minutes later Pieter called us on the radio and had us pull up to where they were standing on the road.

Namibia Stallion

Once there, I asked what had happened and they told me that Daniel had made a great shot on a good stallion and they were tracking him. I looked down and the blood trail was evident. We literally followed this trail at a very fast walk for over 800 yards. We found the zebra lying in a small brush thicket. The toughness of African animals never ceases to amaze me no matter how many times I go there. He had shot him as perfectly as one can with a 7mm mag and the animal had run well over a mile. But, what a beautiful animal he was. Daniel was all smiles and so was the camera man. I stood there listening to the story sorry that I hadn't gone but glad he had gotten him. I was right about giving him a little boost with plains game. He was really energized but all he kept saying was," When can we go back after elephant?"

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