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Steve Sheetz

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Vital X has a motto: "X marks the spot." The Luminous bow site from Vital X hits the spot dead on in my book. It is definitely a country star ready to play to full stadiums and leave the world of smoke-filled honkytonks behind. I am thoroughly impressed with this dual pin, 100% made in the USA bow site.

The Luminous dual pin site, CNC machined out of three pieces of lightweight aluminum, has an upper single fixed pin and a lower moveable site pin that is on a silky smooth rack and pinion system that never needs to be locked down. With less clutter, you are able to lock on to your target faster. An additional second, third, or fourth fixed pin can be added simply by calling Vital X. The Luminous incorporates extra-long fibers that run through the bracket. The moveable function of this bow site is simple, straight forward, and absolutely one the smoothest and fastest in the archery industry.

The third and fourth axis adjustments allow for precision tuning for extreme accuracy. Adjusting the Luminous is simple and fast. Fasten the site to the bow with the two included screws, then gang adjust for the first pin by loosening the two button head screws (which are within the gang adjust slot) and move the whole site up and down. Gang adjustments left and right are made by loosening the two windage screws and turning the micro knob left or right. To adjust the individual pins, simply loosen them and slide them up and down.

I am a big fan of the GLOW RING that you can purchase as an accessory for The Luminous site. It simply glues on to the front of the site housing. The GLOW RING is a lime green aperture and is the most advanced target acquisition system in the archery industry. This product helps you to locate your target at lightning speeds, and aids you in finding an optimal focus point. It works very well with a ΒΌ inch peep.

The Luminous bow site is a high-end product with an affordable price tag. The Luminous bow site is available in Black and Lost Camo. It has a MSRP of $123.98, and the GLOW RING is available for an additional $12.50. You can purchase both items from Vital X directly or from your favorite archery pro shop. For more information, or to find the closest retailer to you, please visit

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