Simon Bullivant - New Zealand Bow Hunter of the Year

Steve Sheetz

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HECS Wearer and Helix Broadhead shooter Simon Bullivant Awarded
Bowhunter of the Year

New Zealand bowhunter Simon Bullivant breaks national bowhunting records in his first full year of wearing HECS STEALTHSCREEN clothing and shooting the Helix Broadhead

Seasoned bowhunter Simon Bullivant, who was awarded Bowhunter of the Year for 2012 by the New Zealand Bowhunters' Society (NZBS), has had his eye on the highly-prized title for 28 years. 2011 marks the first year during which Simon wore HECS STEALTHSCREEN suits for every hunt.

Simon's win included:
• Most Deer, 26 (New NZ record)
• Most Big Game Points, 260 (New NZ record)
• Biggest Red Stag (Number 3 in record book)
• Second Biggest Deer, for a Sika Stag (Number 1 in record book)
• First Most Big Game Variety (11 species)

"HECS is awesome," says Simon. "The first full year of me wearing HECS was the greatest year any bowhunter on record in New Zealand has ever had."

Mike Slinkard, President of HECS LLC, added, "We are proud of the fact that HECS has played a role in Simon's success and that Simon trusts our technology in the field."

"More and more hunters are seeing real benefits with HECS STEALTHSCREEN," says Slinkard. "All living things, including humans, emit faint electric signals and many animals are able to detect and react to these signals. HECS STEALTHSCREEN reduces the human electric signal, allowing hunters to get closer to game in its natural undisturbed state."

The revolutionary HECS STEALTHSCREEN material is made of conductive carbon fibers uniquely woven to reduce the electric signal of the human body. HECS STEALTHSCREEN helps hunters get closer to game while delivering the highest standards of comfort and performance.

The Helix Broadhead from Strickland Archery is another new revolutionary product that Simon used in route to his bow hunter of the year award. The Helix Arrowhead's single bevel, aerodynamic design means it works in tandem with the fletching. This is a unique principle in broadhead design: steerage from the front, which results in greater overall stability in flight.

The secret to creating the helix effect comes from the sharpening process. While the Helix Arrowhead may appear to be a simple two-blade design, the offset sharpening process yields a unique hunting broadhead that is forced to rotate in flight.

Front rotation from the arrowhead combined with back rotation from the fletching results in greater stability in flight. In other words - your arrow goes where it's aimed.

The benefits of the helix principle don't end with flight. The rotation of the Helix Arrowhead continues upon impact. This means superior penetration and a massive wound channel...larger in diameter than the width of the broadhead.

HECS STEALTHSCREEN suits are now available online at
For more information, contact
Mike Slinkard
President HECS LLC - 58000 Industrial Park Rd. - John Day, OR 97845
T: 541-575-4327 - E:

Helix Broadheads are now available online at
For more information, contact
Tim Stickland
President, Strickland's Archery
P.O.Box 9
Montrose, CO. 81402
Product information 970-901-8585
Phone orders 970-901-951

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