Kansas Eastern Turkey Hunt 2012

Dan Braman

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It seems like every morning we try to hunt a roost here in Kansas there is a serious lightening storm in our way. This morning we walked into a field about ¾ of a mile to where we had roosted a bird. Just when we were about to owl call to him the lightening started popping all around.

I'm scared of lightening so the walk back to the truck was the longest ¾ of a mile I've ever walked. We literally slammed the truck door when the bottom fell out and it started storming and pouring down rain. We waited to the storm out then headed to another field we had permission to hunt. We turned the truck off and listened for a few minutes and heard a bird gobbling no more then 300 yards away down in a bottom.

We walked in near where we heard the bird and set up maybe 100 yards away. There was a small hill between him and us so we felt the set up was a perfect one. Long story short we called for over an hour and never heard anything again. I think I may have misjudged where he was and he possibly saw us as we walked in. BY now it was around 9 in the morning so we went to the house we were staying in and ate some breakfast.

Back out at 11:30AM we parked where we had originally walked in before the storm. Since Jimmy Brown, a friend and fellow guide at Mellon Creek Outfitters had never taken an eastern I asked him if he'd like to set up near where we had heard the bird gobbling the evening before. Jimmy thought that the birds would be in a different area of the corn field so I went to the spot I suggested to him. I had been there about five and a half hours without hearing anything when I thought I heard a gobble to my right. I turned to Dave, my camera man and asked him if he heard anything. Dave was like me, he thought that he had heard something but wasn't sure.

After a few minutes I made some louder calls on my slate and for sure heard a gobbler at what seemed like 400 yards away and down in a valley. Slowly the gobbles got louder and louder. The bad news was by the sound of things the bird was walking past us not to us. Jimmy text me right about this time and said that he heard a bird. I knew it was the bird that we were calling to but didn't mention that to Jimmy. Once the bird made his way to directly in front of us at about 200 yards he stood and gobbled about ten or so times. All of a sudden I saw a tail fan sky lighted on the ridge in front of us. The big tom walked in full strut right to within 33 yards of where we were set. My second eastern of the season was a done deal. I looked at my phone and saw where Jimmy had text, " He's coming my way." I text him back," He isn't coming your way anymore." I received a text from Jimmy but it isn't something I can write here.



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