Fourth Group of Turkey Hunters

Dan Braman

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Huntonly was the next group. Steve Johnson, Tom Bateman, and Jason Mills showed up for their turn on the screaming rios. The weather was bad the first morning with thunderstorms and rain. With the bad weather came quiet birds and the ones we did hear wouldn't cooperate. That afternoon we set up and called; heard a few and even had one close but never sealed the deal.

On the second morning, I set up where I knew birds where roosting. The birds were supposed to be back in the brush about 100 yards from our set up. The storm had changed that and at first gobble I realized that they had moved; even worse they had watched us set up. I decided to stay put. Five long beards flew down way early. I could see them strutting but it was too dark to tell their size at 60 yards and too early to shoot. We watched them strut and listened to them gobble for about fifteen minutes. Finally three of them walked straight away with one staying in the field strutting.

Ten more minutes and the three came back . Once the three made it back they all got together and slowly walked in to where I had been calling. Tom Bateman took his bird with a great shot. The other birds walked off and I tried to bring them back in but they followed hens away. Just when I thought we would get up and see about finding another bird for Steve I heard gobbles to our left. Within two minutes I could see two big strutters coming down the road. Long story short Steve got both birds in one shot. Three fine long beard down in five minutes. As we were taking these birds Jason had taken a great bird with Jimmy about three miles away. A couple days later Jason got a nice bobcat with the hounds and got to experience brush country first hand. A great group of guys that I enjoyed hunting with very much.

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