Third Group of Turkey Hunters

Dan Braman

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Pete D'Amour MD from Indiana was my third client. I'd hunted Pete before and we have become good friends.. Pete loves turkey hunting and is a real pleasure to hunt. On the first morning we went to a new area and tried to shock some birds. We knew birds were in the area but I never could get them to gobble. We moved and set up where I knew birds where.

On my first series of calls the dawn silence was shattered with gobbles about 150 yards away. With high grass between them and us all I could see was red heads running down the dirt road. They came to my decoys at a dead run. I took one look and realized that these were two-year-old birds. Pete likes big birds so I just told him to pass. We got back in the truck and moved to another area setting up on the edge of a dirt road where birds strut daily.

Within 20 minutes, Jon, an apprentice guide said that he saw a bird to our right. It was a jake so I wasn't overly excited. As I turned my head back to tell Pete that it was a jake, My eye just about fell right out of my head. Sixty yards away right out in the open was huge long beard. I said," Pete, don't move." I purred on my mouth call and he went into strut and started walking in. At 30 yards he saw something he didn't like and I noticed his snood draw up tight. I gave the green light as the big bird turned to walk away. Pete made a great shot at 43 yards and bird number 1 was in the bag. Awesome morning.

Pete's first Turkey at MCO

That evening we just went looking around because Pete likes hunting mornings better.

The following morning we went to where Jimmy had heard huge numbers of birds. I owl called and we heard one group off of the property. We moved and when I stepped out of the truck to owl call the birds were already gobbling. As Pete set up I put out my decoy and sat down to Pete's left about twenty yards. The birds walked into 15 yards and gobbled right behind us but they wouldn't come in. I let them walk away to about 200 yards and I called back to them. The birds gobbled at my call and turned around. The first time I saw them they were at 75 yards to our left. They walked out and started our direction. One of the birds hung up but the second bird never even stopped. As he walked around the decoy Pete made another great shot and his turkey hunt was done right then and there.

Pete's 2nd Turkey at MCO

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