Sixth Turkey Hunter of 2012

Dan Braman

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Jon Gloor, was new to turkey hunting when he accompanied Jimmy and me to Florida this year. We thought that he would make a good guide for MCO so we took him along to see if he might be interested in turkey. He was, so once we got home we started showing him the ropes.

After a hunt or two Jimmy found a bird that was way out of the normal areas. This gobbler was all by himself so we asked Jon if he would be interested in hunting one himself. It didn't take Jon long to make it very clear that he was ready. Jimmy dropped Jon and me off around 4:00PM and drove off to go scout other areas of the ranch. I made my first call about fifteen minutes later and didn't hear anything answer. Honestly, as early as it was I didn't really expect to hear anything.

Around five o'clock Jon looked at me and said he heard a bird gobble while I was calling on my slate. I listened carefully and I thought I heard one but, with the wind blowing like it was I wasn't certain. I grabbed my box call and yelped a couple times on it with a little more volume. There was no mistaking the big bird this time, he turned a powerful gobble loose. Looking across an area with brush about three feet tall with my binoculars I could see a blue and red head every now and again bobbing up and down. He'd stop and gobble, then move our way.

Within five minutes the bird was walking into our set up at full strut. He came in to our set up in the one direction where weeds were tall. All we could see was the very top of his tail fan and his head. But, as he moved around searching for the hen he had heard he walked right out into view. I putted a couple times and telescoped his head up. Jon's first Rio was in the bag and man was he excited. I took some pictures of Jon and his bird as well as some close shots of the iridescent feathers. I know Jon had fun and I guarantee that we have another seriously addicted turkey hunter.

Jon Turkey Hunt at MCO

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