Second Turkey Hunters of the Year...

Dan Braman

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The second clients arrived from east Texas. Jeff and Nicholas, a father son combo was ready to experience turkey hunting. Jeff had been once, this would be Nicholas' first time and neither had ever taken a turkey. It was important to Jeff that he see his 11 year old son take his first turkey; so, on the first morning they wanted to hunt together. We went out the evening they arrived and tried to locate some birds. We heard one gobble and it was distant so I elected to hunt some birds in an area I knew.

Before daylight we stopped well short of where we wanted to hunt. I knew where the birds were but I wanted Nicholas to experience the whole thing. I blew a howl on the coyote locator and the woods erupted with gobbles right where I thought they would. I knew right where I wanted to set up and we walked in and got everything just as I wanted it. With Jeff on my right and Nicholas on my left these birds would be toast shortly after fly down. WRONG!! Just like a turkey has done so many times in the past, they didn't do what I thought they would do. They flew down and walked directly away from us.

When it comes to turkey hunting I have a lot of patience so I just set tight. Every once in a while I would make some soft yelps and each time the old tom would gobble. After around an hour I noticed those gobbles getting closer so we set and waited. The bird got to within literal feet of being in view and turned and walked right around us. For ten minutes he was within 30 yards but we couldn't see him. Back in the truck we decided to go to a strut area that a big tom had been frequenting every day. When we turned the corner, sure enough, there he was. He walked off the road and we quickly set up. I put out a jake decoy and a hen.

On the first series of calls I hear birds gobbling in a different direction then where this bird had gone. Just then Jeff said that he saw them. They came fast and never even thought about hanging up at a fence. They quickly walked under the bottom strand and proceeded to whip my jake decoy. Jeff shot and then Nicholas. I don't know how their first turkey hunt could get any better. First time turkey hunt and to take a double with your son. I had two happy hunters on my hands but neither was as happy as me.

Father and Son Turkey Hunt

That evening they decided to split up. Nicholas went with me, and Jeff with Jimmy. Nicholas and I got set up and started calling about every thirty minutes. For the first two hours Nicholas slept without moving a muscle. Just when I thought the evening hunt wouldn't end as well for us as the morning did, a coyote howled. At the end of the howl came a gobble. The birds walked a half moon around us and I thought they had gone. We heard them gobble behind us and this gave me hope so I yelped at them and when they answered I shut the calling up. It wasn't long before I could hear drumming behind us. Four big long beards and a hen came in. The long beards were in full strut for several minutes no more then 20 yards away. I told Nicholas which bird to take and he did with a great shot. Just then I got a text from Jimmy saying that Jeff had gotten his second bird as well. Happy hunters for sure, especially when Nicholas took a nice hog that evening as well.

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