Morning Cat Hunt

Dan Braman

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This morning when I walked outside at 5:00AM I couldn't believe what I was feeling. It's not very often that one feels a 57 degree morning in south Texas this time of year. Usually this time of year it's at least 70 degrees and rattlesnakes are crawling around.

I turned the hounds out of the truck about six o'clock and started hunting down a long dirt road . I had high hopes when a friend called me and said that he had already caught a bobcat; usually when someone catches one everyone does. I guess the cats seem to move around the same times in this part of the world.

About twenty minutes after Stephen caught his I noticed my hounds smelling cat. When they smell a cats trail they start wagging their tails and obviously sniffing in a more specific area. I stopped the truck and walked out to them to see if I could see any tracks. Too much grass for tracks so I just watched them look for the trail. After twenty minutes they had not been able to find the trail so I went on.

Long story short, I hunted another four miles and never started anything. That makes two mornings in a row that I didn't catch a cat. There are two main reasons why I am not catching as many cats I should be. First, this time of year is hard on hounds due to pollen on wild flowers. Second, I had some really good dogs get old and need to be retired this winter. The old hounds are living the good life in my yard and the young ones have to try and fill their spots; that's going to take time. With luck I think by the end of summer I will have them to what the old ones were.

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