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Dan Braman

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I had an evening without clients so I went to a friend's place to try and get a turkey for myself. I set up at an intersection of two main roads running through the property. At this intersection there were tracks and strut marks all over. I thought with this much sign; this intersection would be as good a place as any.

I had called about thirty minutes when I noticed two full fans over the top of some high weeds to my right about 300 yards. For some reason both gobblers took off and flew to the brush edge. The next thing I know they are slowly walking back to the road. Once they reached the road for a second time they strutted and gobbled for a good ten minutes.

I knew they had heard me so I stayed quiet on my calls. Once again they took off and flew to the brush edge for no reason that I could see. Once I couldn't see them anymore I grabbed my box call and made a series of cuts and yelps. I heard them gobble at my call and I set the call down.

Five minutes later I hear a fighting purr from behind me and the birds came running up on the road in front of me. Quickly I sized up the beards and took the bird with the longest one. 21 yard shot. I will never tire of turkey hunting, what a way to spend Easter evening.

Dan's Turkey

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