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Dan Braman

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I try very hard to take my cat hounds out every day that I am not guiding some other kind of hunt. This morning was one of those days. Up at 5:00AM , I get up a little early just to satisfy my coffee needs. I had my hounds collared by six o'clock and I was headed to the pasture.

There's a red gravel road on the ranch that I like to hunt this time of year. Bobcats, like the every day house cat doesn't like to get wet. In Texas, spring mornings can be extremely wet from the dew and the high weeds makes this much worse. I tend to hunt the main roads this time of year because I have found that the cats like to travel these roads because they are dry.

I had hunted about two miles when I noticed two of my hounds acting like they smelled a cat ( Swag and Pearl). I gave them plenty of time to work the track out but it just wasn't going to happen. They could smell the scent just a little bit in the ditch but not anywhere else. I ended up hunting 12 miles and never started one trail. The cats no doubt moved last night. As I was turkey scouting at sun down I saw three bobcats on my way out. I was headed to load my hounds until I killed about a 4 foot rattlesnake. This time of year the snakes are plentiful at dusk and very aggressive; no need to get any hounds bit.

Big Rattle Snake

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