Having some bad luck cat hunting....

Dan Braman

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I guess I'm just having some really bad luck cat hunting right now. Yesterday while training MMA my trainer accidentally tried to push his finger out the back of my head via my left eye. Being hard headed I didn't go to the doctor even though blood was coming out of my eye socket. I went by my mother's to say hello and she took one look at my eye and started giving me the third degree.

Well, long story short I decided it would be easier to drive to the doctor then listen to her. Luckily, I have a very good friend that happens to be an eye doctor. I had torn the conjunctiva in my eye in two places and the doctor prescribed some drops and said all will be well. The best part is I don't have to listen to my mother about not going to the doctor.

At midnight my eye was hurting badly enough that I couldn't sleep so I stepped outside on my porch to look at the weather. It was cool and still and the coyotes were howling in all directions. I told my wife that it looked too good to lay in bed so I drove to my pens and loaded my hounds. The dew had fallen and the moon was really bright I thought it would be a good night.

I really thought my chances were good because I have not been doing any good in the early morning hours. I hunted from midnight until 3:30AM and never did any good. Springtime is tough in this part of the world but I should be doing better then I'm doing. I'll just keep at it things will turn around.

This evening I'm supposed to take my wife for a second rio turkey. Turkey hunting rates right up at the top with everything I do. In two days I leave for New Mexico........I finally drew the Gould's tag. Then Mossberg will be at Mellon Creek Outfitters to turkey/hog hunt. This hunt is being filmed for TV. Once through with that turkey becomes priority; I'll be leaving for Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Montana to turkey hunt & guide until the end of May.

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