First Turkey Hunters of the year...

Dan Braman

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First clients arrived and I couldn't wait to get into the turkey woods. A husband and wife from San Antonio, Tx that seemed just as anxious as me to get after it. After scouting for the better part of a month I had a god idea where the birds were. After Tim and Sue got settled in, we drove down to where I wanted to hunt to find where we could set up.

When hunting a roost, I always like to have a set up in mind dur9iing the daylight; this makes things go much more smooth and quiet in the dark. We found a good place to set up but we were facing into the sun so we moved a little and cleared a place to set down. Once we were done we headed back to the lodge for dinner.

With breakfast at 6:00 we were in the truck and heading to the woods by 6:20. We walked into our set up and got settled in with about twenty minutes to spare before daylight. As we set there the songbirds started chirping and it wasn't long before the owls kicked off. With owls came the turkeys and they were blowing the leaves off the trees. I tried to count but I'm still not sure how many there actually were. I know I saw 8 walk out in front of us and at least that many gobbled off in the other direction. Four long beards and a jake came in close with the big birds in full strut. They circled around gobbling every few seconds or running the jake away. Sue was filming for her husband so I held out on giving Tim the green light. I watched the birds snoods and knew that we weren't in any jeopardy of missing a chance. Finally I gave the birds a good looking over and told Tim that the best bird was in the middle. Just after I said that the birds started circling and even confused me on which one I told him to take. Somehow he stayed on the bird I had said was best and told me that he was on him. I putted and their heads came up. A perfect shot and perfect hunt.

Tim's Turkey at MCO

Sue decided that she would hunt the afternoon. Another guide at Mellon Creek Outfitters and I discussed where I should go for the evening set up. Jimmy had heard and seen a lot of bird traffic on the east end of the ranch. We drove down to that area and found a nice shady stand of live oak trees to set up under. After a little brush clearing we were set up and Jimmy was on his way to scout in the truck. I put out a couple DSD decoys in the clearing in front of us so if birds came out in either direction they'd see them. We had sat there about an hour when this hen started yelping and cutting to our left. Each time she'd open her mouth I'd cut her off and imitate her. This imitation really made her mad and she came in cutting and yelping her head off. She reached the decoy and pecked it while she slapped it with her wing. I'd yelp at every yelp and cut at every cut. It was quite the show to her so mad and aggressive. Just about the time she got tired of arguing with me, We heard a gobble at a fair distance to our right. I looked through the brush with my binoculars and saw two long beards coming our way. I grabbed my slate call and made a soft series of yelps and they hammered back. I knew they had heard me so I just set my call down and shut up. It took them 15 minutes to reach within 50 yards of us but they made it. They stopped just out of range and strutted for five minutes. Then for reason, they just walked off to the right and stood in the shade of a mesquite tree. I purred to them quietly and slowly they started back our way. At 30 yards the bigger of the two hung up and gobbled. I saw his snood drawing up tight to his beak and I told Sue to shoot. She did and made a great shot. Two beautiful old toms in the same day. Tim and Sue made some great shots and seemed to really enjoy their hunt. They are booked for next year.

Sue's Turkey at MCO

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