Fifth Group of Turkey Hunters

Dan Braman

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The next group was Walter Parrot and Jerry Martin with Bass Pros 100% real hunting. Jerry and Walter do a TV show at Mellon Creek every spring. These two guys are great turkey hunters and great guys. I always love going hunting with them because each time I do I learn a little more.

On the first afternoon the guy with me took a great bird with his bow at 15 yards. The following morning Walter got a bird with Shelby Fischer, another MCO guide. Jerry scored with Jimmy on another location. After that, we switched out, I went with Walter and Shelby took the guy I was hunting. Walter and I went to an area on the north end of the ranch and roosted some birds.

The following morning we were set up before daylight. Two jakes came in first and we let them wonder off. Next the three big toms we had roosted came in. They walked in silent and never strutted and that doesn't make for a good TV show. With that, we let them walk away.

That evening we set up on two different groups of birds and nothing was going our way. Walter's flight left the following day and if all went right we had time for a quick morning hunt. We drove to an area that hadn't been hunted and started to owl call. Before we had a chance to call the coyotes started howling. The birds were right where I thought they would be. We walked down a pipeline and set up along the edge. At fly down the birds flew straight away from us and went silent. Even so, Walter kept calling every now and then and in about an hour we heard a hen yelping. The hen walked in and right behind her was three more hens, two jakes, and a long beard. Walter took the long beard at 20 yards. This was a huge bird with a beard 10 inches long and spurs an inch and a quarter long.

Hunting with Walter and Jerry is always a great experience for me and this time was no exception.

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