4-12-12 Morning Cat Hunt

Dan Braman

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Another 60 degree morning in south Texas during the month of April. That is something one doesn't see very often. Started hunting this morning just as day was breaking. The sunrise was beautiful coming up behind a huge thunderstorm in the distance. The colors were spectacular with gold, red, and orange all over the sky. I stopped for a few minutes to video the sunrise.

My brother had gone hunting this morning as well and had a cat get away from him right before daylight. After hearing this I thought my chances would be good since the cats were obviously moving. About an hour after daylight one of my hounds started a trail about 150 yards from the road.

After a few minutes four or five hounds were trailing on it pretty good and were just about to really get going. The next thing I hear is total silence. After sitting there for about ten minutes I hear Candy start to bark treed. Candy locates at least 95% of all the cats I tree. This time however she was just barking every minute or so. She acted like she could smell that the cat had gone up but she couldn't be certain which tree he was in.

I marked her location on the GPS collar and walked to where she was. Just like I thought she was running around in an area about 50 yards square smelling. There is no doubt that cat went up but that stand of hackberries was tall and full of vines and leaves. I never found the cat anywhere. I guess my brother isn't the only one to have a cat get away this morning.

We go through this every spring and most of it can be blamed on a lot of half grown kitten. In my opinion, these small kittens don't give off as much scent as grown cats do. Maybe it's just natures way of protecting the young animals, but they are hard to run and even harder to locate in trees. It's a tough time of year for running hounds in this part of the world, but one thing is for sure. I will be back out there before daylight tomorrow morning, that's what makes hounds good.

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