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Steve Sheetz

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You have seen him on numerous television shows and DVD series, various advertisements and co-host of the popular North American Whitetail TV; Stan Potts is a household name among whitetail enthusiasts and big game hunters alike.  For the better part of the last 40 years this outdoor icon has traveled the globe in search of trophy animals all while doing so with what he refers to as "that little red release" faithfully suspended from his bow string.  In late 2011 Hot Shot released the Stan Potts Signature Series release aid - a little red release on steroids.   If you have never met Stan Potts,  you are missing out.  He is as humble and as down to earth as they come.  So when he puts his name on a product you know it is just not a marketing ploy or a way to make a few extra bucks, it is because he truly believes in and uses the product. 


Equally suited for the wood lot or target range, the Stan Potts Signature Series is available in three- and four-finger models with single-screw adjustment for trigger travel and trigger tension, while a multiple axis thumb post allows boundless projection, tilt and distance adjustment equaling an exact-fit for any hand size or shooting style.  I shot the three finger model and absolutely love it.  Its smooth trigger and adjustable thumb knob make it a permanent resident in my arsenal.


Framed on the concept of Stan's famous "little red release" and the current Hot Shot Tempest, Stan's namesake accessory is a technological quantum leap from the release that's spanned the career of this bowhunting superstar. Produced for passionate bowhunters, the Stan Potts Signature Series is designed for a perfect ergonomic fit and boasts additional surface area on the handle for unparalleled comfort. By adding surface to the handle's face where an archer's fingers touch, Hot Shot has eliminated annoying finger tingle, numbness and dead hand.  You can actually hold your draw for long periods of time, and not fill a thing, it is truly awesome.  Hot Shot's exclusive 2-Thirdsā„¢ case design creates a space where each internal part stays in place eliminating sear misalignment and misfires, which of course is pinnacle while taking shots at big game. Precision milled from high-grade aluminum for extreme durability and anodized to red luster on one side and a deep black on the other, this release is not only distinctive in it's styling but maintains a similar look to Stan's original trusted counterpart.


The silky-smooth and ultra-crisp internal mechanism and hook feature Hot Shot's exclusive Titanium-Diamond Nitrideā„¢ coating and hardening process that equal stronger parts with 60-percent less friction than 440 Stainless Steel. This process pledges a hook and sear system that won't exhibit any brittleness under even the most extreme working temperatures from Canada's most extreme northern whitetail range to the foothills and canyons of Arizona's Coues deer country.  This Hot Shot exclusive process allows the release's internal parts to be cut from a softer metal, creating more precise angles and tighter tolerances.  However, don't confuse soft metal with decreased quality.  Haling from an Aerospace pedigree, this unique process creates rock-solid parts with a surface hardness of over Rockwell 70!


If you are looking for a new release give the Hot Shot manufacturing's Stan Potts release aid a look, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

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