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Most of the folks who come to fish with me this time of year come from far, not from near, that's the ones that actually show up anyhow. They've heard about it, read about it, friends told them or they saw it in a magazine so they want in.

Well that is until I tell them the entire list of no's. No snowmobiles, no sled dogs, no skis, no fish houses, no gas augers, no live minnows. Then I tell them I'm a walker, and even this year I tell them no snow shoes required, it's going to be easy walking, with little or no snow and No permit needed, we can come and go in a day.

Plenty of folks being told no, that many times in a row, say thanks but no, right back at me, there looking for something with less effort and more thrills. I recommend some sled dogger's, or log lodgers who have permanents that can be a gas powered ride away, but with me, were hiking a Duluth pack on our backs making nothing but human tracks.
So then from somewhere south of all of us comes a young wife, with two Brittany's and one husband who like walking, if the dogs are allowed, and I said that would be fine if the weather was okay, which for January, turned out tropical.

Then three Duluth packs sparsely loaded with minimal gear, maybe a bit too much food and two plastic dog watering dishes, a hiking we did go.

After two miles and one half of lake of hiking I drilled one hole, we watered the dogs, and dropped a line, then the husband drilled a hole and we dropped another line, then the wife wanted in on the auger action so as nice kind gentlemen we allowed her the privilege. She said she wanted no more of that after one drilling session.
We hoisted a four pound lake trout and those pooches sniffed almost all the fish smell off of it before it froze solid.

The weather wasn't warm, but for January I thought it sure wasn't hard to take, and the day slipped past quicker than I'd liked. We caught three lake trout, and they said with this nice weather let's just stay into the evening and see if we can get the rest, I said I'm sorry but no, were out of day, and along walk to go. The trout whisperer

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