ATA Show 2012 - Afternoon of Day 1

Steve Sheetz

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I spent the afternoon of day 1 in search of innovation in the form of new companies that were making their inaugural appearance at the ATA show. Slay the Game, 20 Feet Up and Rac-Em-Bac fit that criteria to a tee.

The Rac-Em-Bac scent head is a revolutionary new product for bow hunters. Rather than having to trample through your hunting area, the scent head allows the hunter to deploy a scent from the stand, taking away several variables that can scare off big game and ruin a great hunting weekend. This product isn't just a gimmick - it was created by lifelong bow hunter Tony Latiolais. A native of south Louisiana, Tony knows the ins and outs of the hunt, and Rac-Em-Bac scent heads were created to give everyone the edge to bag that big buck. The scent heads are available in seven varieties that are sure to suit any bow hunter's terrain. Rac-Em-Bac has even been indorsed by professional hunter Jim Shockey.

Checkout the Video.

Next on my list of innovative products is a new tree climbing harness from 20 Feet Up. Hopefully all of you are wearing some type of treestand harness and not only when in the stand but also while climbing. Most of you have seen, or are using a harness with the main attachment point on your back, near your neck and shoulder area. 20 Feet Up is introducing a new hunting harness to the market with the main attachment point on the front of your body. This type of harness has many advantages over the conventional style hunting harnesses and has been used in the mountaineering and construction field for decades. They have designed our harness to work perfectly for hunting with the following advantages:
• Safety in the event of a fall (since this is the main reason we are wearing a harness to begin with). Shouldn't the harness we choose be safe and comfortable if we do fall? Our harness allows you to be in a sitting position, comfortably without suspension trauma (blood pooling in the legs and loss of circulation) If you have ever tested hanging in a rear attach harness for any amount of time, you know how uncomfortable and restrictive they are.
• Freedom of movement in the stand- with our system there are no straps up around your head, neck and shoulder area to interfere with your shot. Their safety tree strap wraps tight to your harness, from front to rear with a magnetic system, which is built into the harness and tree strap. This allows you to rotate in both directions freely. The tree strap is fastened to the tree just above waist level. In the event of a fall, the magnetic system releases placing you in an upright sitting position just a short distance from your stand.
• Certified to ASTM Standards F 1772-99 for harnesses
• Lightweight and Compact- weighs just over 1 pound, easy to put on and pack away. No vests or complicated harness covering your jacket pockets and can be worn under main jacket
• Strong and durable- Designed to withstand forces of 13kN or 2925 lbs.
• Use as Linesman harness- Combine this harness with our tree strap and now you can hang stands and tree steps while using both hands.

For more information visit their website and check out their full line of videos.

My final new product of the day is from a company called Slay the Game. It is an entire product line of scent control products.

SLAY Field Spray is a bacterial odor fighting solution that can be sprayed on all your hunting equipment and apparel. It is non-corrosive and will not leave behind a white residue. To use, simply shake well before each use and unlock the trigger on the spray head before spraying. It is safe for skin contact and can be used on all materials. For the most effective results, spray down before and during your hunt.

SLAY Body Wash and Shampoo will help keep bacteria in check by destroying them and cleansing your body of their waste. Simply apply to your wet body and hair, then lather and repeat. This solution contains a Skin Lipid Layer Enhancer that moisturizes skin. Alfalfa, aloe, corn soy and sunflower derivatives are added for healthy skin. It is also complimented with soy based cationic deodorizers that encapsulate and neutralize odors.

SLAY Laundry Detergent will make your hunting clothes clean and scent neutral by removing the bacterial odor that gets trapped in the fibers. A Skin Lipid Layer Enhancer will leave clothes feeling soft and comfortable to wear. It is complemented with an enzymatic blood stain remover and contains no brighteners. Ultra-concentrated formula means you use about 6-8 pumps for small loads and 10-12 pumps for large loads.
For more information visit their website

On Day 2 of the ATA I will be hitting the shooting lanes, so look for my bow report tomorrow.

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