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It was four in the morning when I strapped on my snowshoes, my partner just wanted more coffee. At 11 above zero I didn't t want anything else to drink, but I did want to get moving, we had a long hike ahead of us. As we started shoeing along, He told me and I told him right back, I was getting the first fish.

We parked at the trail head outside of the bwca and we hiked across one lake, legally, half in and half out, then over a angular piece of snow covered landscape only a mile long descending into and on top of yet another lake fully encased in the b-dubs.

The bowl shaped lake makes me feel like I'm walking into the ring of fishing. Two contestants, yet fishing pals just the same. He's the right guy for these trips. The maps make it seem like no big deal. Then you hike it, knowing you're going to hike it back out, its long, its quiet, its mindless and its cold, so I don't come in here with just anybody, And He's not prone to do something stupid.

We heard nothing but squeaky snow for the entire trip so as the hand auger grinds away, the sound of it seems so loud in the dark. I hand off the auger, I listen as he trudges away, then the grinding sound.

I turn on the electronic fish finder and its light appears friendly. I bait up, then drop it all in the hole, watching for the magic as my jig falls ten, twenty, thirty, forty feet deep.
I rip jig to attract a lake trout and I rip jig to stay warm.

John gets the first trout; I'm happy for him and yet in the same competitive breath I wish it was me. a half hour later, it's not me again. Then at noon I got a bite, that got reeled up to little old me. At two in the afternoon we both have our legal limit of trout, even while john has dumped several back down the hole waiting for me.

Its time for the big hike. Before I go, I look all over the lake and around the shoreline that's basically white, meeting nothing but bare trees, and I almost want to say goodbye to someone or something. It's been a good day, even if I did get second place. The trout whisperer

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