Grow the Bone Attractant, Part: II

Smoke Armstrong

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This is Part II of my "Grow the Bone" product review. This review consists of information, observations and experiences during the pre rut and rut time frame. We captured trail camera images and documented hunting results while using the product.

We continued with set ups in two locations with the product and trail cameras consisting of one stump feeder and a trail camera at each location mixing the product with corn. Activity and consumption at the stump feeders picked up significantly to the point that we had to refill the feeders on a weekly basis. Each camera averaged 80 images per week.

We added two additional trail cameras at two separate locations using strictly Grow the Bone. During the pre-rut and rut time frame it was apparent that not only were the bucks showing up to consume the product but they were starting to scent check these locations looking for "dancing partners". One can only imagine how many bucks were scent checking these locations off camera.

Images captured in Part I of this product review consisted of a lot of does, fawns, and small bucks. Images captured during Part II during pre-rut and rut time frame started showing more buck activity with an increase in the quality and size of the bucks being captured. The deer activity definitely started to change.

gtb-buck3.jpgWe continued to be amazed by the deer traffic that has come to these feeders and alternate trail camera locations. We experienced unbelievable early season deer activity but believe it or not activity continued to pick up.

Conducting this review and the information I'd gathered to date changed my hunting strategies as information started to come in. I started hunting these locations on the downwind side to get a shot at one of these scent checking bucks.

On December 3rd my homework paid off. It was an evening hunt, down wind of the product. I had 14 deer in all make their way past my set up that evening, 4 of which were bucks. I had the fortune to shoot an eight point buck with a 22 ΒΌ" spread, no real tine length nor did he have much for brow tines but he was a shooter to me based on his width.

gtb-buck.jpg We've experienced positive results hunting over Grow The Bone. I've include a photo of a friend of mine that bagged his biggest buck to date with his compound bow while hunting over the product, a 9 point buck that was captured on trail camera frequenting Grow The Bone 10 days before. It had a 21" spread and scored a little over 140. I've bagged 6 deer of my own this season hunting over the product, an eight point buck, 2 does, and a button buck with a shotgun, and 2 does with a crossbow. I'm looking forward to the remainder of the year using this product and sharing the results.

Although we are in the middle stage of the product review, I recommend checking this product out at These folks provide plenty of information on the product, deer management, and how to fill your tag using their product. Stay tuned for Part III of this product review which will encompass the post rut and the remainder of the deer season here in Southern Maryland.

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