Grow the Bone Attractant, Part: I

Smoke Armstrong

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I recently had the opportunity to meet John Lopez of Grow the Bone attractant and mineral supplement through a mutual friend. I was provided the opportunity through my affiliation with Hunt Only to perform a product review on their Grow the Bone powder associated with deer management and deer hunting.

This product has many crucial vitamins, minerals, and digestible proteins. Grow the Bone's formula is a patented, scientifically proven formula that utilizes the right trace minerals and protein (21%) for maximum absorption into the animal's ruminant digestive tract.
• 80% digestible
• Very low corn and salt content.
• Speeds up recuperative and healing rates allowing for quicker recovery from the strenuous rut
• Special ingredients to aid in pedicle repair and growth
• Totally safe with proven results - Tested by the country's top animal feed chemists and biologists
• All natural
• Draws deer to your property - It will Hold them and Grow them
• Helps even the small property manager optimize their management and hunting goals
• 15 years of proven real world results. Grow the Bone has been a trade secret of professional outfitters, game managers, and hunters
• From filling your tag, to use as a supplement, this product does it all

Grow the Bone We set up two locations with the product and trail cameras at the end of August which consisted of one stump feeder and a trail camera at each location. We mixed Grow the Bone with corn in the feeders and spread some on the ground beside the feeders.

In years past members of my hunt club and myself have tried to use corn in the early deer hunting season with limited success. The competition with natural food sources such as acorns, beech nuts, wild berries, and honey suckle provided too many choices, let alone the crops in the farmers fields such as soy beans, squash, and cucumbers. Needless to say I was a bit skeptical in the amount of activity that would result at these feeders in the early season.

We checked the feeders and cameras after two weeks. Each camera had over 100 images. The feeders were more than half empty. We filled the feeders back up and reset the cameras.

Two weeks later we checked the feeders and the cameras. One camera had over 150 images the other had over 100 images. The images consisted of a lot of does, fawns, and small bucks. The interesting part this time was both feeders were empty. We reset everything and are currently scheduled to check them again this weekend.

Normally we perform gear and product reviews and post the results. Based on this product's initial success and the type of product we plan to conduct this review throughout the entire hunting season and post multiple reviews as the deer hunting season unfolds. I'm personally very interested to see how deer react to this product during the period of the rut.

Grow the Bone We have been amazed by the deer traffic that has come to these feeders over the last month. We experienced unbelievable early season deer activity. The consumption of the corn at these feeders is unheard of at our hunt club this time of the year.

Although we are in the early stages of the product review, I recommend checking this product out at Grow The Bone. These folks provide plenty of information on the product, deer management, and how to fill your tag using their product. Stay tuned for follow on reviews of Grow the Bone throughout the deer hunting season.

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