Dead Down Wind Partners With Dr. Grant Woods

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Pleasant Valley, MO - Dead Down Wind, the maker of the industry's most complete scent elimination system and D2W guide gear, is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Dr. Grant Woods and

Grant Woods Kansas Buck “As a deer biologist and avid whitetail hunter, I know unquestionably that a deer's best defense is its nose,” stated Dr. Woods. “In fact, understanding how good a deer is at detecting a full range of scents makes me place as much emphasis on limiting all foreign odors from me and my gear as I place on scouting and practicing for deer season. Dead Down Wind's system of limiting scent from the laundry, personal hygiene, and field applications is what I count on to allow me to keep from alerting mature bucks. Using the complete Dead Down Wind system is a critical component in preparing for a successful day in the deer stand.”

“We chose to work with Grant and because they take the same science based approach,” stated marketing manager, Trent Keller. “Real science indicates chemical cover scents, earth scents and synthetic attractants not only don't mask or cover human odor or detection, it more likely raises the animal's alarm status. Our goal is to help hunters separate the hype from the facts.”

About's mission is to provide current, useful information about hunting and growing white-tailed deer throughout the year. A new episode is released for on-line viewing every Monday - or more frequently on those weeks there's a lot of action! Each episode shows what we focus on that week as we manage properties for growing and hunting whitetail deer. episodes will include action packed hunts, proven hunting tactics, food plot and trail camera techniques, and the gear it takes to get it all done.

About Dead Down Wind®:
Dead Down Wind® is a premium supplier of quality scent prevention products and D2W Guide Gear designed to help outdoor enthusiasts become more successful in the field. Dead Down Wind® revolutionized the scent control industry through the development of a bio-engineered process known as ESP™ (Enzyme Scent Prevention). Unlike cover sprays that can only attempt to mask foreign odors or carbon clothing that only attempts to contain it. Dead Down Winds enzymes go well beyond the scope of typical antimicrobials in both effectiveness and the range of odors controlled.

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