Bushnell's Chuck Adams Edition Range Finder

Steve Sheetz

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When the world leader in laser rangefinder technology, and the world's most successful bowhunter, Chuck Adams, put their heads together on a project, it's all about putting heads on the wall. Enter the finest archery specific range finder of the planet, Bushnell's Chuck Adams Edition laser range finder.

Bushnell Chuck Adams Edition Range Finder It is light weight, compact, it features 4X magnification, ARC (angle range compensation), a bow mode, a ranging ability that extends out to 850 yards and plus or minus one yard accuracy.

Bushnell was the innovator of ARC technology, which has helped bow hunters put their arrow on its true mark. ARC technology instantly accounts for the angle wnen calculating distance so you exactly where to put the pin. In bow mode it uses a built in inclinometer to accurately and simultaneously display line, angle, and true horizontal distance from 5 to 99 yards based on angles from -90 degrees to + 90 degrees.

If you are a bow hunter looking for your first rangefinder, or looking to upgrade to a better model look no further than Bushnell, Bowhunter, Chuck Adams Edition. It is rock solid, comes with a 3 volt battery for years of dependable services, and Bushnell's 2 year guarantee. It weighs less than 6 oz. It runs off a 3 volt CR2 battery which comes with the unit. It comes standard with 4X20 magnification and the field of vision at 1000 yards is a whopping 430 feet.

I recommend that you give Bushnell's, Bowhunter, Chuck Adams Edition a look the next time you are in the market for a new range finder. At $199.00, you will find it money well spent, just as I did.

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