Bushnell Chuck Adams Edition Binoculars

Steve Sheetz

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For 2011 Bushnell updated its popular Chuck Adams Edition binoculars. They are part of Bushnell's popular Excursion line of products. They feature a lightweight open bridge design, soft grip thumb notch, PC-3 Phase Corrective coating, BaK4 Prisms, fully multi-coated lens, and they are 100% waterproof and fog proof.

Bushnell Chuck Adams Edition Binoculars Additionally, they feature a wide field of view, 341 feet at 1000 yards, and twist up eye cups for use with or without glasses. At just under six inches in length and weigh in at pound and half they are light enough, and small enough to carry all day, yet with their 10X42 magnification are powerful enough to scan the woods, field, or open hill side for any animal that you might be chasing.

What does all that mean? When you look at the binocular's magnification number, such as the Chuck Adams, 10X42 you are being given two separate pieces of information. The first number, 10, refers to the magnification power. In this case things will appear be 10 times closer. The second number, 42, is the diameter of the objective lens. It refers to the amount of light that is being let into the lens. The larger the diameter lens, the better you can see in low light conditions. This ultimately determines how bright and crisp the image will appear. 10X42 is an extremely popular magnification level because of its versatility. It is at home in a treestand chasing whitetails, just as much as it is on open western expanses chasing Elk. Additionally, Bushnell uses the popular BaK4 Prisms in their Chuck Adams Edition, these prisms allow for excellent light transfer and produce a sharp, crisp imagine.
Why is 100% waterproof important to a bow hunter, remember nothing ruins a good pair of binoculars faster than water getting into the housing. Binoculars are either 100% waterproof or they are not. When looking for a high quality pair of optics, remember how fast the weather can change in the woods. Weather proof and water resistant are not the same as Bushnell's 100% guaranteed water and fog proof Chuck Adams Edition Excursion EX binoculars.

Bushnell spends the time and money to apply a PC-3 Phase corrective coating, and they fully multi-coat the Chuck Adams line of binoculars. When a lens is fully multi-coated it means that each side of the lens is treated with multiple applications of the liquid, in this case PC-3 Phase. This important for a number of reasons, first it gives you a 100% fog proof lens. Second it helps deliver one of the brightest and crispest images today in the mid-range optics market. Third, because it is fully multi-coated you will get a lens that is scratch resistant.
With a MSRP of $365.00 the Chuck Adams Edition Excursion EX is an excellent choice in the mid-price range optics market. If you are in the market for a new pair of binoculars, give the Chuck Adams Edition a look and I guarantee you won't be disappointed, so does Bushnell with their lifetime guarantee.

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