Block Black B-22 Target - B-16, B-18, B-20

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Block Targets has taken what is arguably the most popular archery target on the market to a whole new level. The Original Block target has been overhauled and renamed to Block Black. The Block Black has a new high contrast paint job, polyfusion design for longer target life and easier arrow removal.

Block Black B-22 Having shot the original Block 4x4 over the past few years my expectations were high for the new Block Black. The Block Black B-22 is the largest version of the target and at 22”x22”x16” it provides enough surface area to catch a pulled shot from even the furthest distances. The Block Black also comes in three other sizes, the B-16 is 16”x16”x12”, the B-18 is 18”x18”x16” and the B-20 is 20”x20”x16”.

The new high contrast paint job offers archers highly visible aiming points. It's obvious that the white spots on the black background make seeing the target easier at long distances. However, it wasn't until actually shooting the target that I realized how beneficial the new high contrast paint job is to practicing. I personally see pretty well but when practicing at distances in access of 40 yards, picking a spot to shoot becomes increasingly difficult with most targets. Not so with the Block Black and I noticed a substantial increase in accuracy at long distances when shooting at this target.

I realize that “deer” don't have white spots on their vitals to aim at. However, practicing with the Block Black target helps ensure that my bow performs as it should at long distances. It also greatly increases my confidence levels. Having confidence in your ability to make the shot when the moment of truth arrives is invaluable in my opinion.

Block Black B-22 Another feature that Block Targets continue to improve on is easy arrow removal. I’ve shot many targets over the years and having to fight to “get my arrow back” not only causes me to break a sweat but it affects my desire to “go out and shoot”. The Block Black target offers super easy arrow removal. I tested the target with field points, fixed broadheads and practice expandables and I was able to remove every arrow with ease.

As with previous versions of Block Targets, the Block Black offers 4 sided shooting. Each side offers a different high contrast design. The different designs allow you to mix things up and offer larger or smaller aiming points for different looks at different distances. Having 4 sided shooting also gives the target a long life expectancy. I haven't shot my Block Black B-22 thousands of times yet, but the fast healing polyfusion foam will surely stop arrows for years to come.

You already know that Block Targets offer high quality products. The new Block Black is no exception. You won't go wrong choosing to have a Block Black in your backyard. Fine tuning your shooting with a Block Black will boost your confidence and could make you a more successful hunter this fall.

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