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I got home from work yesterday afternoon and I was bushed, I mean tuckered out, worn out exhausted. One day of work kicked my backside and I had just spent a rather relaxing weekend that was completely erased from a brutal day, I got slammed at work, two totally unexpected financial problems and a sewer pipe that stopped piping really took its toll.

As I pulled in the driveway a sense of relief and tiredness sorta took over. I was home, and wanted only to take a nap. When I pulled up to the pole shed I saw the kid was sitting with his truck, boat, and trailer ready to go, parked headed out of my driveway.

He stepped out of his truck all smiles and sez you ready. I said sure, even though I had forgotten I promised him the first nice afternoon of his choosing, (little did I know he would choose this night), I would show him a walleye hole he’d never forget.

I told him to give me a minute and I went in the house and changed socks, it was about all the energy I had left, when I returned he had my rods, tackle and life jacket loaded. So off we went. I half heartedly gave him directions as we got to a lake he’d never been on before.

He launched, I loafed. I told him what point to head for and he gunned the motor. I asked him to slow down as we got close, no sense rocking the boat or the honey hole. He obliged.

Things were slow at first. We got some small walleyes, one northern and two small perch. I was trying in my head to find money I knew I didn't have, where would I find a plumber that wouldn't charge a hundred bucks an hour, and files at work, on my desk, were still floating in my head. The kid just kept beaming, he knew it would happen and when the sun started to come off the water, the walleyes started to wake up, and maybe just abit, so did I.

For one hour and forty minutes we hoisted one fish after another. He was grinning ear to ear. The stringer was full and he was elated. He told me that this was one fast night of fishing. How going for walleyes and actually catching not one, or two, but a bunch, was a blast. I had to agree. I felt better too, somehow catching all those fish, gave me time to quit worrying about all the worldly crap, that in the end, would just work itself out.

We got back to shore and the bugs made us both hustle tying everything down and getting out of there. He drove towards my home and just showered me with what a time he had and how happy he was.

We pulled in the same driveway I pulled in just a few hours before. I came home twice in one night, but the second time I came home, was a lot better than the first. The trout whisperer

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