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For to many days in a row it had rained. So when the weather forecaster screwed up and said it was supposed to be nice after work, I begged a neighbor to take care of the dog and I just drove straight to the lake.

The clouds were broken but looked like rain; I had my wet gear just in case. When I was about to unload the boat some other folks who like shallow spawning blue gills were already ahead of me and pouring in behind me, I didn't want to fight the gill crowd; I went back to the bait store and picked a new lake. When I took my waders off, my sock got stuck in the boot. I hate that, but at the next lake I wouldn't need my waders just my boots.

Not a lot of people know this, but socks were invented for one reason, and one reason only, it's simply to keep your feet wet longer. Socks soak up water and don't let go until you electric dryer the water back out again. I know this fact because once again I stepped on a rock to get in my boat. It looked wide and sturdy; I ended up ankle deep in the water. That one sock was Nice and cool at first, and as the evening cooled, it worked itself up to very cold soggy.

I have more junk in my truck than most people can imagine but when I looked, I just didn't find any other socks.

So what does a guy with a wet foot do for an encore, first I watched my step when I got in the boat the second time, then, well, he motors over to the spot he thinks walleyes are, and he opens his minnow bucket and asks very politely which minnow wants to go to the bottom and entice a walleye into biting.

I bought some real hard working minnows so they all just started swishing away in the bucket and that made choosing one easy, I grabbed the first one. So did a 14 inch walleye. Me and the minnows and my one wet foot, were off and running.

It was a good night for fishing. It didn't rain once. Lots of fat chunky walleyes and I even thought to myself, well at least I have one dry foot. So I loaded up the truck and headed for my homey pile of logs. I walked in the door and let the dog out. I took off my boots and the wet sock. Then I took off the dry sock. I took one step, with my wet foot, when it suddenly got wetter from something on the floor. Some how I think the neighbor didn't quite get the dog outside in time. Right there, I used my dry sock. The trout whisperer.

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