Vanguard Pro Series Bi-pod

Mike Furman

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When selecting a portable field rest to compliment your hunting weaponry, you will likely come across a wide variety of brands and configurations. Several reputable manufacturers make them, and the assortment can take you from a single-stand mono-pod unit to as many as three-legged tripod assemblies for more complicated terrain and stabilization scenarios. I recently had the opportunity to field-test the Vanguard Pro Series Bi-pod, and I used it to re-target and zero in my Remington 870 Express shotgun.

Vanguard Pro Series Bi-pod The unit itself is extremely portable and light weight, with several features that make it hunter-friendly. Each stay pole has a foam-rubber hand grip which makes hand carrying comfortable. There is also a carabiner at the top for optional belt or back pack clip-on carrying.

Once situated at the site of your shot, the legs easily extend with no noise. To unlock them you must release one or more of the plastic lever-style locking tabs, extend the legs depending upon the desired height needed, and then relock them. I found this to be a lot of motion to have to go through in the instance of an open field or 'run and gun' shot situation where keeping motions as camouflaged and fluid as possible are necessary.

Upon setting up for the shot, and depending upon the terrain, the rubber tips on the feet can be removed, as can the rubber snow shoes, to expose the metal tipped feet for digging into solid turf or gravel. Either the barrel or the fore grip of the gun sets nicely and positively in the corrugated rubber lined head of the rest. The head has three adjustments to accommodate different size guns, and the legs showed no signs of creep once relocked. Upon firing, the gun stayed steady and firmly seated and any deviations in my groups and shot placement were entirely the user's fault and not as a result of poor design of the rest.

There is also a water or snow depth gauge on the side of the leg if your trek takes you to where that may be necessary information.

In conclusion, outside of the one deficiency noted regarding the leg release and deployment mechanism, I found the Vanguard Pro Series to be an easy to use field rest that I would be glad to recommend to a hunting buddy.

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